Friday, June 27, 2008

And now my week in pictures

I'm (very happy to be) back in Arusha now even though it feels like snow drifts are blocking the door. I tell you if I didn't have to go and audition some actors now I would be under my duvet pretending to be sick. So since my fingers are numb with cold, not to mention my brain, I shall give you some pictures of my week in Zambia that I failed to download before. Or is it upload? Whatever. And after that I'll shut up about Zambia, for a bit okay?

On our cheerful way

Us gals' princely accommodation

A rather poor shot of the elephant (in the play knocking down a house and getting to the bag of maize

Strange and old petrol pump that we found in the middle of no-where.

The real house that the elephant knocked over to get at the maize stored inside

water for washing being heated up, oh and carried

My feet at the end of the day

Mfuwe shop art

And finally the one I forgot to download before - my mother with the (now dead) cobra that slithered past her head while she was asleep.

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