Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cold Dogs

Its damn cold in Lusaka. Got in last night. Hung out for 8 hours at Dar es Salaam airport. They only have 4 chairs in the check in area and nowhere else to go so sat on my comfy bag, reading Bill Bryson and laughing out loud all day. Could think of worse ways to spend a day.

Got in in the evening and went straight out for sundowners to some old friends house. Feel bad coz I snapped at everyone when I was offered a drink and I said I’d have a soda water. Knowing glances and ‘are you pregnant’ raised eyebrows. “STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT I’M NOT PREGNANT!” Its obviously a big event when I say no to alcohol.

I fly home today, to Luangwa. Will be there for a week, starting the actors off on a new project. I’ll be sleeping in the village mostly but hopefully I’ll find time to blog once or twice while I’m there. Otherwise it’ll have to be a full comprehensive report when I get back!

Right now I’m at my dad’s place in Lusaka. His two dogs snuck into my bed last night. Now they’re under the covers looking sheepish. They were scratching on my door last night until I relented and let them in. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we had a pet porcupine called Mohawk. Ah he was a sweet thing. Used to stamp his foot when we were eating chocolate. Anyway, he decided to make his home under my parents’ bed. Which was a bit smelly and noisy so one day my dad decided to lock him out. No trouble for Mohawk. He just took a couple of minutes out of his schedule, gnawed a porcupine shaped hole in the door and was forever free to come and go as he pleased. A porcupine flap of sorts.


tam said...

aaaah, say hi to lucy loo for me. and the stinky jo.

Janelle said...

lusaka cold? there's bloody polar bears here, i tell must be in The Valley a village...missing you and long for your next post!!!! and for you get back to arusha!! YAY! xxx janelle