Monday, June 23, 2008

Of critters and paintings and such

I really want to tell you about my week in Malama village but need more time. I'll try on the morrow. In the meantime......flew from Luangwa today with my mother who is LADEN with paintings to take to her exhibition in Nairobi. Will try and take a picture to show you tomorrow of the rolls of paintings and bits of wood and wonky stretcher frames. Not entirely sure how she's going to get it all on the plane with her but, hey, she seems to have a plan. I say that but I’m actually not entirely convinced that she does. Have a plan. Coy looks and fluttering eyelids I think is the only way forward here. Here are a few photos (that don't do the pictures ANY justice) of her latest batch that she'll be exhibiting in Nairobi next month.

Also a picture of my mother and the (now very dead) cobra that slithered past her head the other night while she was sleeping. Aish.

So we're on the plane and about to take off from Mfuwe when the air hostess comes running down the aisle, arms flapping saying "Kill it Kill it!" really loudly. It was a moth fluttering about the plane. Geez. Everyone just stared blankly as she got more and more hysterical. Very funny! A couple of suggestions from the passengers – “use a glass” "blow on it"(I made that last one up - can't remember what the other suggestions were). In the end I got up, caught it and let it out the door. What a hero.

Ah bollocks, can't get the pictures to attach, will try tomorrow.

Also been mighty slack on my new things learned (early posts) but got bored of that game.....

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tam said...

hmmm. i think she needs janelle's dad to get her paintings there. I mean, if he can do the guns...