Monday, June 9, 2008

Testing, Testing

Okay, time to take the plunge. No more toe dipping, shrill screams, excuses. Just jump.


So I've been helping out at the Karibu Trade Fair for the last few days. Don't ask how I got roped into that, I just did. Most probably for free since I'm crap at negotiating payment for my time. Ah well. There were three good things about being at the Fair.

Thing one: I met loads of new people

Thing two: I got to practise my Swahili

Thing three: I got to put up those red and white tape thingies that block off contruction sites and crime scenes. You know the tape I mean? Very exciting! I get a barely repressed thrill from of that kind of thing. Like seeing people changing lightbulbs on street lights, or putting up posters (especially the news posters on lampposts in South Africa) that kind of thing. I always feel like I’m catching them out doing something they shouldn’t be caught doing. Haha! Does that make me sound like a really sad person?!

I wrote a 'test blog' the other day (told you I was toe dipping and not plunging. I've cut the first bit out coz it was painfully self depreciating and riddled with excuses as to why I'd be crap at this - "all my friends have such fabulously hilarious and profound blogs that I’m not sure I should place myself alongside them (," That kinda thing. Anyway, now I'm just going in, arms flailing. (Oh shut up with the swimming theme already. Sigh. There I go again...) Here's what I wrote a few days ago.

So today I took the plunge into work. Well, into starting the process of thinking maybe I should get some work. Haha. Just moved to Tanzania from Zambia. Well I say just – it was actually six months ago. (I get a little lost in time. I always say ‘the other day’ when it was actually as long as 5 years ago. ‘Oh I saw so and so the other day’ Really? When. 'Oh um, when was it now. Umm it was 2000 and SOMEthing I know that much'). So I’ve been a bit slack on the work front but have lots of things in the pipeline I hope. Setting up company, drumming up interest, bla bla. Anyway, went to go and see a group of actors – 30 of them, my goodness. Sat in the lovely warm winter sun in a field behind a church in town and saw what they have to offer. They’re great. Need some direction (and a good scriptwriter!) but I think they have potential. And that’s where I come in. Three of the women are damn good criers. Bloody hell, they went on and on and on for AGES. Weeping away. It’s a great talent to have but after about 17 minutes of it I could feel the corners of my mouth twitching. Laughter, not tears. No tears from me, oh no. There were plenty enough around without me adding to them. They were sprouting tears like….well…a water sprouty thing (a watering can?). Anyway, they showed me about 6 different skits and some songs. Some of them were hilarious. And they were meant to be, I think! So hopefully I’ll be able to work with them soon, once permits and such have come through.

Also saw three of the street kids from Mk who I’ve been working with a bit. They are acrobats. Very cool. They’re great, especially Jm – he has got so much potential, that kid. He’s always popping up everywhere. Stuck in the Arusha traffic (as one does) and Jm walks past ‘Hi Miranda’ through my car window. Going out to the shops 'Hi Miranda' and today watching the other actors 'Hi Miranda' I feel like I’m back in Mfuwe. Zambia. My hometown. A very small place where, as the only theatre person for miles around, you become something of a celebrity. Ish! If you’re even vaguely interested (and have actually even got this far in this post!) have a look at our website to see the kind of work I do.

They say you learn something new every day. I plan to put this to the test in this blog and keep a record. New something I've learned today: it gets bloody cold in Arusha.

There. My first blog. How’d I do?

Over and out


Janelle said...

hoorah hoorah and welcome fellow blogger!!!! YAY! self deprecating?? huh? toodely pip the darlin' and so glad you doing it!XXX

tam said...

woooohoooo!! yay well done. can't beleive you did 3 before you gave me the addres but i'll try not be offended... welcome to the world of ego-ouch, like hanging your panties on the line for the whole world. or getting your phone stolen at a ceremony... ahem, yes you know the end of that story.
well done, i can't wait to read more

Miranda said...

Haha!! Yes indeed Tam! I've only given the address to three people and you were the first! Bit scared to give to anyone else! Check the comments on your blog more regularly nana. (oh and I wrote the three in real quick succession, in case I change my mind!)

family affairs said...

Well, clearly I'm honoured then to be given access to your blog - v impressive - I love the photos (btw if you export them in jpeg's (or make them smaller) before saving on desktop and then uploading them to blog it's MUCH quicker - hope that makes sense. I don't understand it much myself but that's what my computer person told me to do....

Just been over to check out your sister's as well!

Keep it up...Lx