Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Up Side

Upside 1 We have another spare tyre. A spare spare tyre
Upside 2 Took this said spare spare tyre out the back of the car last week. So they only got one. Ha!
Upside 3 Dear friend J stopped them from getting my lovely knee length chamois leather jacket. Oh and ripping the seats out, getting the spanners, the rope, the jack, the wheel spanner. Things Husband will care about. Me, my jacket.
Upside 4 On the way back from futile thief search (excuse me, is that a tyre you're hiding under your jacket?), passed a funeral. Things could be so so much worse.
Upside 5 They're not (so so much worse). Life is good. We have food in our tummies and don't have to resort to stealing tyres (although I'm not sure I'd ever resort to stealing)


fush and chips said...

I like. So cool to hear about life that's a galaxy away from joburg. Keep going.

Chimera said...

Hey Miranda!! So lovely to see you ensconced in blogginess. Its already bloody funny consideing it is mostly a out being robbed by ruffians (whats the word again?) Cracking start..more more more!!!
Tanvi x

Miranda said...

Thanks T and T. I need all the encouragement I can get! Love both of yours.