Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zambia and the Mutomboko Ceremony

I woke up this morning on the right side of bed. Oh I love it when that happens! I am overflowing with no-reason bubbling excitement for life. Hurrah! So I said I'd shut up about Zambia but feel like posting some more happy ceremony pictures. To celebrate the arrival of the books at my sister's.

These from the Mutomboko Ceremony in Zambia


lorix5 said...

Hi Miranda, i found you through janelle@ ngorobobhill.i love travel(africa!),people,wildlife and reading your blog(s)are my favortite thing right now!it's fasinating to learn firsthand what its like to live in a culture so different than mine. i LOVE what you are doing helping to educate the people towards the animals they live with.i wish i could help,but i'm a little far away here in california.btw, your comment on bush and osama was hilarious! i cant wait to read more!
have a wonderful day,

Miranda said...

Ah Lori, you are too kind! Thanks for the visit and the encouragement! I felt myself flagging a little but I shall now persevere!

coupdecoeur said...

A small mark of sympathy during my visit to your beautiful blog.
All my congratulations. I do not speak much English, so I only use Google's translator.
Very good day, Chris Cheers from France