Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zambia and The Shimunenga Ceremony

I have been thinking about Zambia of late because I'm heading to her fine singing soil on Saturday. So I am going to share with you (every now and then) bits and pieces about Zambia, country of my heart. I'll do so as we travel along, bit by bit. The mundane and the spectacular. Maybe I'll do most of this in photos.

Before I left Zed (as she is affectionately known) to come to Tanzania my sister and I spent a year intermittently traveling the country covering a selection of the traditional ceremonies for a book (now published called Ceremony! Celebrating Zambia's Cultural Heritage). My sister did the hard bit - the writing and I did the easy fun bits - on the ground research and project management. There are 70-something ceremonies in Zambia so we couldn't even nearly cover all of them but the ones that we did attend were incredible. Absolutely incredible.

But today I have no words, not clever ones. I am not a word queen like my sister ( So here be pictures to tell the story. I shall do one ceremony at a time. Today, the Shimunenga Ceremony of the Ila people in Southern Zambia. A three day ceremony culminating in a cattle drive across the Kafue Flats.

pics (c) Miranda Rashid

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