Monday, July 28, 2008

The Art of Wackiness

My mother is here at the moment, while her exhibition ticks on in Nairobi. We’ve been working on her website and putting her pics up on Saatchi Online

Finally managed to get the pictures of her exhibition off my phone so here are a few. Not great quality (the photos I mean!) but to give you an idea…..

Yesterday zipped up to see J on the hill and left my mother and J quaffing bottles of wine and catching up while M and I went for a walk (aish, my legs are aina today). Came back – red faced, grinning and covered in black jacks and ticks - to find two very giggly grown ups, two boys (9 and 11) with pillows in their tummies pretending to be Robin Hood (“Why the tummies” I asked “Because its FUN!” Okay). One girl (5) dressed up as a cat and one girl (5) dressed up as a princess. I felt like we’d mistakenly stepped onto the set of Carnivale.
A flickering film strip - Princess runs past admonishing Cat, Cat crawling in the dirt and miawing manically, Robin Hood bursts in with well worn, home made bow and arrow, the other Robin Hood dashes past and darts back – transformed into a soldier (?) with a length if pvc pipe shouting “left right left right” with Robin Hood, Cat and Princess in tow. The sozzled grownups, sitting on the steps sharing jokes. Not to be outdone we quickly caught up on the wine and tried to teach the kids wacky 1950’s dance moves.
Twirling, shining, glittering evening. Writing on the blackboard. Paraffin on the fire for hot water for the kids’ bath. Impromptu yummy roasted butternuts for supper. Starry cold night. Clear air. Joy and laughter. Old friends. Can't beat it.
Oh and while we’re on the subject of my mother and wackiness…a few months ago she broke her finger leaping after a squirrel that the cat tried to catch. She said it didn’t hurt, but she pulled a tendon or something or other and a doc who happened to be in the area at the time (this is bush Zambia remember) said that she needed to buy a mallet splint from the pharmacy in town. Being in the bush, with no such thing around she ‘made a plan’ with a piece of appropriately shaped stick she found and some mlaza – palm fronds that you soak in order to make into string. Usually used for building or weaving baskets but most effective in this case. This is the plan that was made and is still in use (she brought a stock of mlaza specifically with her to Tanzania). Everyone she meets and shakes hands with laugh at her and say that this is what people here use to fix broken legs on their goats.

These are my genes, people.

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lorix5 said...

Please tell your mom i love her art, i think she should share it with the rest of the world and come show it here in santa barbara(california).the finger wrap is funny.good times with good friends, it doesn't get much better hey? and your grandfather...incredible..gorgeous photos...i love what you wrote.i showed it to my hubby and he said yes he had heard of him on one of his trips though zambia.thank you miranda for sharing, i really love reading.