Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jealous people never win


lorix5 said...

Hey Miranda, I just wanted to say I am not big on computors including this blogging, i always feel like i'm kinda looking at something i reading your mail to someone else or something.But here i am and i cant stop reading.i purposly find blogs from various spots around the globe because i love to travel and learn about different cultures.But all this computor stuff takes time. i dont have it. so, what im trying to say is yours is the one i come back to and sometimes the only one(and janelle)because i love it! your photos are great, your writing is fabulous.i wish i were a better writer so i could tell you how i feel. I dont want to leave out: congratulations to your mom on her art showing,so cool! i LOVE your photos of the little houses and shacks with nonsensical words painted on them, to me they are so endearing and one of my favorites of africans, and i have one more to add to the happy list, say I LoVe YoU to the ones you love everyday. And oh, really, you should write a book, a memorir of sorts(sorry for hideous spelling!)I love the b/w photos from your childhood.Wheew! that was long.Thanks again for sharing and all!
peace + love

Miranda said...

Ah Lori,
You are just too too kind! THANK you for such lovely words! Hey, and don't feel bad about reading - if people put them out there they should expect them to be read! Although I know what you mean - I was terrified when I first started blogging. But comments like these are what keeps me going. Thanks!