Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To do, not to do

Things I did yesterday
Handed in paperwork for new company
Left mother in car - while parked in town - to look out for thieves
Bought pretty baskets from Maasai market (let mother out of car for this one)
Bumped into actor (previously auditioned) at Maasai market and held a semi lucid conversation in Swahili. Ish
Bought food
Went to visit dear friend J and reminisced with her family
Drank (or is it ate?) yummy soup
Paid bills
Cood at baby sheep
Watched small child ride big horse
Drove through newly laid tarmac
Attempted gym
Lit a fire to keep out this perpetual cold
Laughed. Lots

Things I didn’t do yesterday
Didn’t eat lobster
Didn’t get tyre stolen (thanks mother for looking out for thieves)
Didn’t buy anything else from Maasai market (well done me)
Didn’t get into trouble (or get injured) for being barefoot in the gym (forgot shoes at home)
Didn’t sort out internet at home

Things I almost did yesterday
Nearly visited dear B (until we heard she is in Canada)
Nearly played touch rugby but arrived too late. Hence attempted gym. Try again on Thursday

Things to do today
Sort out internet at home
Look for a puppy
Clean tar off car (not quite sure how to accomplish this one)
Write budget for volume II of Ceremony! book
Help sister write proposal for regional theatre project thingy (and try to phrase it better than that)

Things I won’t do today
Sort out internet at home
Won’t eat lobster (sigh)
Might not clean tar off car. But I will try


tam said...

but how did you get tar on your car? from the road? or from mom's paintings? or did it drip from the sky?
and how do you get so many people to your blog? Is it coz you write so funnily? or coz you have fab pics? or so many facebook friends? or do they also drip from the sky?

Miranda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miranda said...

Ha. The tar is from the road. The readers are from the sky. But I WANT MORE!! Readers that is, not tar.

Oh and that deleted comment up there was my comment from before not from anyone else - that would be no way to treat my few and cherished readers....

tam said...

unless they said something rude

tam said...

oh! I see it now. not very attentive reader am i? drove through wet tarmac. aha.

GoneBackSouth said...

Hello! How exciting to have a comment from Tanzania! Am I sensing a teeny craving for lobster going on here?