Monday, July 14, 2008

Your Royal Taggedness

I wonder how many times these words have been spoken on Blogdom – “I’ve been Tagged” Today its me, hurrah! Thanks J, soul sister of mine, for tagging me ( Now I have to untangle myself from my technological crapness and try to figure out how to link. Aish. I’m not sure of tagging protocol but I suppose its not done to tag the very ones that your tagger has tagged, so to speak. My 5 best so far, not including the ones that J tagged coz I love all those too. In no particular order:

The Bad Photographer. He isn’t, not in that respect anyway. He may be in other ways, I know not…..For his fabulous, positive and quirky views on life. And his happiness-inducing pics. Love it.

To ‘Too Young for a Midlife Crisis, Too Old for a Tantrum – for her funny views on life and hilarious Tuesday rants

A Mask to Hide Behind ( for the witty insight into her world and family and for the opportunity to peer into the crazy families of her guest bloggers. We should all celebrate the nuts in our family tree.

And, although I think he was tagged recently, in another guise, who writes fab blogs, gets you thinking and has great pics (and an encyclopaedic knowledge of garden plants…..? Sorry, I shouldn't talk!)

And for being the first non-family member or real life friend to read and to COMMENT on my blog! Love reading about all these lives so very different to my own…….

Oh and also for some more fine wit
And I don't know how to link. Tried tried, no can do. Computer slow, getting grumpy so I'll stop trying.

So for all those who want to I think you’re supposed to now tag 5 blogs you like and say why. And for those who have been tagged more times than they care to remember and who feel like this is one of those annoying chain letter things you can tell me to piss off or just ignore me…. I won’t mind.


girl with the mask said...

Hi- thanks for the tag. Can I take it and run? I don't really 'do' meme's on my blog. Is that okay? All the blogs in my blogroll are my favourites. I couldn't narrow it down to just five! But thanks for saying lovely things about me. Lots of love, girlwiththemask x

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Now come on your mirandaship! Catch up on your comments. See mine on your previous post which explains *all* about linking!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Good God, I was so quick with that one that I failed to see you had tagged me. You are a total sweetie pie. Much honoured.

Miranda said...

Hey no problem GWTM - take it and run, take it and run. I mind not.

And Ernest I remember seeing your fine instructions SOMEWHERE but could NOT find them! Ah well. Thanks. Didn't get round to telling you that that I'd tagged you coz I figured you were all tagged out.

GoneBackSouth said...

Dear Miranda, thanks so much, I feel honoured, and I'm going to put it in my "to do" pile along with another tag I got last week that I haven't managed to respond to yet (but I will). Meanwhile ... have a good what's left of the day!

Pod said...

hello! thanks for the nod! i am happy that some of my stuff makes you smile. i am currently doing a course and am flat out, so unfortunately don't have time to tag back...sorry!
have fun!