Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pondering the Paranormal

Crystal Jigsaw asks this in her blog (Ernest please note I finally figured out linking!!! This makes me very very happy!):

In light of the novel I am currently writing, what are your thoughts on the paranormal? Does it scare you, fascinate you, fill you with dread, enlighten you? Does it make you ask if there really is more to this life, or does it simply make you shake your head in disbelief? It would be interesting to me, to know your opinions. Many thanks, CJ xx

I started replying in her comments box and realised what I was trying to write was waaay to long so a post on it instead.

The paranormal. Are you a believer?

I have never really had a proper experience of this. I sometimes feel eeeee something prickly on the back of my neck, on my shoulder, I’m sure we all have, but I’ve never seen/felt/smelt a ghost per se. I know lots of people who have though. My story is a dream. I have wonderful fantastic multi coloured happy dreams. I have had about 6 nightmares in my life (and they’ve all been about lions. Even though I’m not scared of lions in real life. If I were being really tweety bird maybe I’d say I was killed by one (or a tiger) in a former life. Scoff scoff, I hear you say)

So anyway back to my dream. A few years ago my best friend from childhood, Johnny, was killed by an elephant. 6 months later another friend, Q, died in a helicopter crash. I accompanied Q's body to the airport. It was all pretty gruesome and I was worried that I would have bad dreams that night. I pictured myself unable to sleep with flashes of images I’d seen that day flickering through my brain like a newsreel.

The dream I did have, though was very vivid and very very comforting. I was walking behind the kitchen, outside, and saw Q standing behind an invisible but very present line.

“Oh my God, Q, what are you doing here? How ARE you?” I asked
“Fine” he said “I am having SUCH fun here. Its amazing” He was animated and excited. Bubbling.

And we both squatted down, on each side of the invisible line, and from his fingers came these blue blue gorgeous flames. And he made a teeny tiny fire. He then grabbed one of the sticks from the fire and thrust it into my knee. And it was cool and soothing and peaceful. And he quickly made it all disappear as if he shouldn’t be showing me this. I asked him if he’d seen Johnny and he looked across his shoulder and suddenly I could see everything on the other side of the ‘line’. People standing around, some having a barbeque (?) just having a really good time. And then Q looked back at me and they were gone. He told me (without saying anything) that he’d just got there and had seen Johnny briefly who asked him to ask/tell me something about a motorbike (which makes no sense to me, then and now) and he is fine and very happy. There was more but that’s the essence of it.

And I woke up feeling like I’d been bathed in warm oil, from the inside out (it was a good thing!) I felt so at peace and fulfilled and unworried. They were okay. They were happy. Happier, in fact.

And I went back to sleep smiling.

And had exactly the same dream all over again.

(On a side note, just coz I loved this dream. Shortly after Johnny died I had wonderful dreams of whizzing through the traffic with him, a couple of metres off the ground, carefree and happy and unafraid. Through busses, dodging cars (even though they couldn’t hit us anyway). It was exhilarating. )

So. Whaddaya say? Just a dream? Vivid imagination? A chink in the layers that separate us?


Oh while we’re on this subject. My mother, a few years ago, had to have an operation and went under general anesthetic. There were rumours of dodgy imported half qualified Thai anesthetists working in Lusaka at the time and we knew two people who had woken up in the middle of an operation. (aaah, can you IMAGINE?). Anyway, so my mother goes under in the middle she wakes up. Although she hasn’t. She looks up and sees the operating light above her. And she starts to go towards it. It feels so good. So peaceful. Suddenly everything makes sense. I am done, I am happy, I am content, I am coming home. She sees people behind the light. All peering out at her, welcoming her in. But her father (who died a few years before) steps out and stops her. “No, go back. You are not yet finished. Go back”. When she wakes up the doctors are all acting very very strange. They will not allow visitors in to her (but they will to other people). The operation was on her urethra but her chest is really very sore. No-one will look at her. She is discharged and goes home. A few days later she asks her doctor friend about her sore chest and he says it sounds consistent with whatever they do to bring you back to life. He had all the terms of course. I do not. Near death? Or just the drugs?


Your thoughts please…


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Hi Miranda
Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment which has brought me to your very interesting post.

Your dream: were you not whizzing through traffic with Johnny on a motorbike? The spirits come to us in many ways, dreams are a common way of them getting our attention. (My dad visits me often in my dreams and I always know he has a message for me.) If you can, always take note of your dreams, try to analyse them and think why you may have dreamt what you did. There will ALWAYS be a reason.

Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. You have had a proper experience, in your dream perhaps, but never doubt the power of the paranormal.

Bless You,
Crystal xx

Val said...

ok am not supposed to be blogging right now (that familiar lament) but your post title caught my eye and is of course irresistable.
its a BIG subject so will try to keep mine short... loads of food for thought and a subject i find endlessly fascinating.
Wow your dreams!! yes i think they were communicating with you definitely and the way the dreams made you feel is the important part. You are probably more intuitive than you think.
So scary Pams operating table experience.... thank G.d Norman sent her back!!!! I heard there is a small percentage of people who never go under anaesthetic - that is their brain stays concious but the body is paralysed - how scary is THAT!!!
Shoowee (oops - sounds like a ghost?)
yes write down all your dreams and open your mind to possibilities
Thanks for bringing this subject to the fore again

Angela said...

Your grandmother (Mutti)has had some experiences of the kind. Once she took part in a séance with a fortune-teller, a friend of Omi`s (her mother). They sat around a table, holding hands, and were requested to ask a question. Mutti said, my husband - is he in a prisoners` camp? And if so, which one? Omi suddenly looked around wildly and said, Mama, are you there? (that was HER mother, long dead). And suddenly the letters on the table formed the word of the place where the prisoner camp was (after WWII this was) - and it was true!
The same lady, Frau Scheele, also told Mutti that her second child would be a girl. When it was a boy instead, she wasn`t shaken. "Oh, that can happen sometimes, that one is hiding from my sight. But the NEXT one will surely be a girl!" Well, the next child was me...(and because Mutti had been so skinny and starved at the time, the doctor had advised her to have an abortion, but she stubbornly said, "No, THIS ONE will be a girl!" True believing, that is.

Val said...

love the painting with the angel too :-)

Angela said...

And so glad Pam was sent back!

fush and chips said...

That's an amazing story Angela.

My mother died a long time ago, when I was still at varsity. My brother has a picture of her in the passage of his house. About 5 years ago, when his son and daughter were four and six years old, they calmly said, over breakfast, “The lady in the picture came to visit us last night”. Both kids seemed totally unfazed by it all.

Angela said...

Wow that gives me shivers down my spine! Actually I have more stories myself - and when you ask people, almost everybody has. Only nobody dares to admit it for fear of being looked at funnily. But children seem to have no problems. At age ten I had a marvellous experience...can still feel it...

Val said...

ok geli now you are going to HAVE to tell us your story of when you were 10!!!

Janelle said...

what a load of bollox...! xx janelle

Janelle said...

only joking...whoooooooooooooooooo

Miranda said...

Crystal - thanks for your comments. In my first dream I was whizzing through the air with Johnny, not a bike. Hm. I do try to remember my dreams but should probably start writing them down somewhere.

Val - I know, thanks Bonkar for sending her back! Aish! And yes, I also love that angel pic of Pam's. Surprised it didn't sell in her recent Nairobi exhibition but I'm secretly hoping it won't so that maybe, just maybe she'll give it to ME!!

Geli - wow, thanks for another family gem! Fabulous story! And now indeed you HAVE to tell the story of when you were ten. There - blog material for you!

Fush and Chips - wow, amazing story. Kids are definately more receptive to this sort of stuff, no?

Janelle - I'm so disappointed in you. You of all people. I expected more from you.

(only joking. Whooooooooooooooo)

Angela said...

OK, the story goes into my next blog. It`s really a very secret story, so don`t read it.

Mud in the City said...

Wow - love the dream, how comforting. I do think that there are more things out there than can be easily and conventionally explained, but who knows. Any way - the comfort to be gained from such an experience is surely worth it. I had a similar dream after the death of a school friend aged 19 - I dreamt that she came to me and just gave me a wodnerful warm hug before saying good beye. It left me feeling far better and accepting of the whole situation.

Miranda said...

Geli - Ah, really? It'll be hard but okay!

Mud - Yes dreams like that are very comforting. Sorry about your friend.

BlouKous said...

Not something I ponder often as I tend to think myself scared, but I do like the idea of reincarnation. Kind of the idea that this life is not your only chance?

However I did have a weird incident many years ago where I was sitting waiting in my car at a red traffic light. I was at the front of the queue and as the light turned green I pulled away, but stalled my car - something I never ever do. I struggled to get it started up again and just as I began to pull away again a car came screaming over the red light. Had I pulled away I'm not sure I would be here today. Still makes me wonder...

Miranda said...

Wow, bloukous, you got angels girl!

Reya Mellicker said...

I talk to ghosts every day. Washington DC is loaded with dead soldiers, still dazed and confused as to what they're supposed to do next.

Also have great relationships with my beloved dead, parents, sister and so on.

In my mind, these relationships are not "para" normal, they're normal. People have always communicated with the Dead. It's only the last few hundred years that in certain parts of the world we've been arrogant or narrow minded enough to dismiss this talent. I find that very sad.

The Enlightenment really squashed a whole lot of what makes being a human so rich and delicious.

What a shame!

LOVE the pics!!