Monday, September 22, 2008

The theatrics of working (or the workings of theatrics?)

Oh time to get off the sidelines and join the game. The fray.

I haven’t been able to properly work since we moved to Tanzania, which has been great for blogging but not so good for the pocket or the mental health.

But. BUT. My work permit has finally come through. WooHOO! Let the games begin….


Where do I start?

I have things in the pipeline. I was supposed to start training a drama troupe and creating a play last week but ho hum lots of delays bla bla bla. So nothing on that front yet. And I have to go back to Zambia in October to check on my company there, write a play and a radio drama for them, dash back. But in the meantime I need something to DO. And since I can now work without the immigration bods chucking me in jail I can get cracking.

When I first got here I helped out for a bit with a troupe of street kids who are being taught acrobatics by the Fantastic Mr. N. He is mid 40’s I guess, Tanzanian, has an incredible repertoire of body (and mind) twisting stunts under his faux leopard-skin belt. (That’s actually fax leopard skin shorts he wears when he performs but I wrote that and it came out all wrong!). He spent much of his childhood in China training and performing. So today I went to go and see him (and the 4 street kids he trains) and we plotted.

We’ve been plotting for a while now actually…but now…hopefully we can start. After next week when Ramadan is over and he’s stopped fasting.

Oooh, am I giving away to much information over the world wide web? (That’s a great voice exercise to do. W W W dot world wide web dot com) Perhaps I shall shut up until this beast is off the ground. Don’t want to jinx it.

But I shall say this:

It shall be fabulous

It shall be riveting

It shall be spectacular

It shall be a feast for the eyes...

...and the soul

It shall be like nothing this town has ever seen

Edinburgh Festival here. We. Come.

Our brand of theatre is exciting, simple, clever, physical, visual. And THIS, my friends shall be no exception. THIS shall be Seka with an extra acrobatic twist.

Pics are one of Seka's plays in Zambia called Kusanga

**Oh and Seka? She's a porn star. This we did not know when we named our company in Zambia! So if you want to google Seka and you don't want porn star details, then put theatre or zambia or something in the search bar as well as Seka. If you DO want to see porn, just go straight ahead and google Seka. She's got massive knockers.**


tam said...

Hahahaaaa! But can she do acrobatics?
Well done, Mo. Getting the legalities in order is huge! Now you can really focus on something spectacular, as I know it will be.
Email to follow...

Chimera said...

Hooray for you! Be very careful with all the flipping bending etc. I am very excited for you! And what with Seka and titty's tyres...who knows what could be next....
p.s. LOVE the elephant costume!

Mud in the City said...

Wow! If the photos are anything to go by that looks amazing! I will be buying a ticket - but I don't think it will be quite so visually and acrobatically exciting online. Darn and blast. Come and perform in London - they'd love it here! And I do have a friend doing theatre production for a rather innovative company in the west end.... hint hint

Miranda said...

Tam, no she can not! And nor will she try. Thanks for script ideas, more soon.

Tanvi, indeed! But there shall be no flipping and bending from if I can just find another porn star to name THIS company after we'll be sorted.

Mud, why thank you! Hmmm your friend doing the production for the innovative company in the west end sounds intriguing!...I'll keep you posted!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

What amazing photographs. A very happy bunch of people.

CJ xx

Kay Sexton said...

Found you via the black box - wonderful blog, wonderful theatre, even in still photos it's popping!

justme said...

Wow! Just found you thro Black Box! How exciting is that! Looks like you are having a lot of fun...

Miranda said...

Crystal - Thank you! Its a very fun and rewarding job. Lucky lucky me

Kay and justme - thanks for the visit. Good ol black box! Popping over to both of yours now.

BlouKous said...

very well done! Photographs are superb. Looking forward to your tour through Switzerland...

Miranda said...

Bloukous, wow, thanks! Wish I knew more about photography than I do but its fun. Will give you details of Swiss tour WHEN it happens!! Ha!