Monday, October 27, 2008

I told you so

Because I am a mature adult I do not jump up and down point my finger at someone’s face and cheer gleefully “I told you so” when I…well…when I told you so.

But because I am a blogger I can tell the rest of the world about me being right and being big enough not to jump up and down shouting “I told you so.” Except I suppose I am doing that right now on a much grander scale…Ah well, so be it.

Oh it’s a good feeling isn’t it? Being right?

If you’ve been following, a few months ago I helped out with some safari guide examining. I have been doing this on and off for ten years and although I’m not a specialist in any particular field (I think this is a good thing?) I’m pretty good at it and can spot a poor candidate from ten paces. I am not fooled by big words and trickery. We (my fellow examiners and I) agreed on almost all candidates except one. I wanted to fail him. He was a blagger of the biggest note. A man who doesn’t actually LOOK at the situation and animals and interpret it for you but instead will just spew off all the dreary facts – gestation period, weight, number of young. All the boring shit. On numerous occasions there was some really exciting stuff happening – waterbucks trying to mate, giraffes trying to mate (it was a frisky time). And he just. Didn’t. Notice. Almost drove into them in fact while he reeled off their stats. Too busy talking and trying to impress us with his big words. Anyway, I was all for failing him and said as much. Again and again. But I was vetoed by the other two and he passed. Although I made very clear to him in his brief at the end that it was by the skin of his teeth and had it been up to me I would have failed him.

SO, just a couple of nights ago I saw one of my fellow examiners and she said that she regrets passing him and it was a mistake – he hasn’t turned out as well as they’d hoped. And I – I furrowed my brow and said, “ah, that’s a shame.” Although of course inside and in my mind’s eye I was standing on the table punching the air and shouting “YESSSS!! YESSSS!” and singing, “Nanananana. I was ri-ight”

No, no, wait, that’s not it - there’s another one! The actress that I didn’t want to hire has also turned out to be a real nightmare. Blank, trouble causing, crap at acting. It was a bit of a weird one as the company that has employed me to do this play for them chose the pool of actors that I was to audition from. So I auditioned them and gave the company my selection. They wanted to add this actress, T. I didn’t. They insisted. I gave in. And just today they said that they seriously regretted hiring her (although I think they have amnesia as to their insistence at her getting hired). Anyway. This one I don’t get as much satisfaction for being right as I was the stupid arse that gave in to their requests and I’m the stupid arse that’s having to deal with all the problems now.

I must listen to myself more, no?

Still, it’s a good feeling!


Dumdad said...

You is da man, Miranda!

Janelle said...

too right honey! its such a great feeling and i reckon you can crow away!! whew...oh and grey matter is so sweet and chubby...and lapping...and waiting for ya! xx j

family affairs said...

It is a great feeling being right. It so rarely happens to me these days that I make a completely ridiculous over-the-top fuss when I am are obviously a very good judge of person L x

tam said...

So actually, you could be saying I told you so to yourself. Because you did. Tell yourself so. Hmm.
In cases like that I usually just let the group discipline the one who's not cooperating. Gosh it does all sound quite drama filled! I hope you will video your opening for me. Boo that I'm not there.
[word verification - cochidop. ?? SOunds like something that used to happen at the union]

spacedlaw said...

Good on you (not that it helps much, as you still get lumped with the problem actress but still KNOWING that you are right is a small compensation).

Mud in the City said...

Good to know you can trust your

Or maybe you can just see into the future... tell me Oh Great Miranda - where am I going to find my knight in shining armour? (And does he have a beard??)

Reya Mellicker said...

I LOVE it when I'm right.

Maybe next time they will listen to you. They should, anyway!