Monday, October 6, 2008

On the run

My brain and my creativity have gone off in a huff together. Turned into bloody sulking teenagers. Or maybe they’ve run away to Zanzibar. How dare they leave me behind? Well, I don’t blame them really, I’ve been in such a strop of late. As a result the plays (yes that’s plural) that I am supposed to start rehearsing tomorrow lie semi formed in my head. Bugger, shit.

Had a session with the acrobats today. We’ve come up with some fun images but that’s it. Every time I try and string them together into a story line it just comes out so…bla. I know these things take time and I always feel this daunted at the beginning of this process but am starting to PANIC!!

Please come back? If I’m nice and feed you chocolate brownies?

Oh and if you do decide to return, will you bring Inspiration back with you? Please please?


chocolate brownies?


aims said...

Oh man! I know exactly what you mean.

Why does this happen? And then when we panic about it - it runs even further away!

Here's a blog I have read for over a year that might interest you.

I've given her your link too. Hope you don't mind.

Val said...

if you find out where they have gone let me know... maybe i can look for my trio there too.

Chimera said...

When the pressure builds why does the creativity sometimes stop? There must be an equation...
You will pluck the story from the ether I am sure! Sometimes I find it helps to think of the 'pre' and 'post' story... What was the character doing five years before they exploded on to the stage..? (Sometimes that doesn't help at all....argh!)
Best of luck and nervous nail chewing!
T xx

fush and chips said...

It may sound out, but try going for a run. That usually works out and kinks.

Janelle said...

yeah excercise..and also...swopping and talking like we did this afternoon...oh you're well on your way with flamingos stars and butterflies and angels....right by your j

BlouKous said...

I find wine does wonders. Not only does it cleverly disguise the rising panic, it also leaves you with a fantastic headache which somehow takes precedence over any impending doom.

Livvy U. said...

Hello Miranda
Thanks for your visit to my place in the blogosphere - love that you're so far away but that this strange process makes you that much nearer... I love your post about the animals. And this one intrigues me - what is it you are rehearsing, I wonder. I'm an actress by trade, well, originally, once upon a time that is.. so am interested.
I'll call again, Livvy

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm deeply uninspired at the moment, too. Maybe we could blame the planets? There's always an astrological reason ...

Hoping all celestial objects realign themselves by the time you have to start rehearsing. My fingers are crossed.

Miranda said...

Ah, thanks all for your comments!

Aims - I KNOW, ain't that always the way! And thanks for the link. I'll go and check her out, so to speak!

Val, sure, I'll give them a kick up the bum and tell them to go BACK

Tanvi thanks for suggestions. That pre and post thing does help actually coz it's a 'hero's journey' so his life is very different before and after

Fush and chips - very true, very true. I shall run this evening. Maybe I'll have a heart attack

Janelle, thanks for your help yesterday. Big help and its coming along nicely now. I think! More chats soon, please!

Bloukous. Very true and very good idea!! Hahahaa

Livvy, thanks for the visit! I write, produce and direct plays. Aaaah, now that I put it in writing I SEE why I'm feeling so daunted!!

Yes I was wondering about those planets Reya! Fingers crossed for you too!

And Tam, even though you haven't commented (yet!) thanks for your help too.

Hurrah. Isn't it fabulous to have so many friends out there to support you? And I don't even KNOW half of you! Thanks again ya'll!

Angela said...

Miranda, did you read the last comment on Reya`s last (I think) post, where the development of a hero`s tale is wonderfully quoted? (You may as well read Lord of the Rings, of course, or the Odyssee...)
Actually I always do the walking bit, take my dog and just march straight on. Preferably in the undergrowth of a forest, because after a while I start talking to myself... Can`t you use some of your old themes, as they are unknown to your new audience?

tam said...

Mercury is still retrograde. So let it stew inside, and in about a week it will be pop out fully formed. haha. Tanvir's right - lots and lots of work on teh character usually brings out story and structure. Don't expect so much of yourself, give it time.

Mud in the City said...

They've probably snuck off with my Motivation for a cheeky cigarette behind a tree.

I'd go for fresh air and wide open spaces - zones me out so that I forget about what I am focusing manically about. Then sometimes, it comes back!

Good luck!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I'll do anything for a chocolate brownie. Well, almost anything.

CJ xx

Miranda said...

Geli - thanks for that. I hadn't seen the comment on Reya's but have now and its exactly that - so thanks! Re recycling some old images: I think that's where I'm coming unstuck. I'm sure I can but I do like to TRY and be original each time. BUT yes, quite a few old images have snuck in there. I'm okay with that today!

Tam - AHA! It all falls into place! Yes I do expect too much of myself. Look forward to next week!

Mud - ahha! Yes, Motivation's been missing so long I forgot she even existed! Cheeky bugger. Fresh air is indeed what I need and I shall go out and get some NOW!

Miranda said...

Crystal - you're welcome to one, anytime!

bohemian mummy said...

Hello Miranda, came over via black box. I hope your inspiration and creativity come back soon!
With the promise of chocolate brownies i'm sure it won't be long before they return!
I love chocolate brownies!
Good Luck :-)

spacedlaw said...

Add a raspberry (or some local equivalent) and it should be running back to you.

Miranda said...

Bohemian mummy - welcome and thanks for the visit! I have been over to yours (and plan to make a habit of it!) but have been rather slack on commenting. Sorry for that and will do better next time!

Spacedlaw - ooh yum. But maybe I'll finish it before they get a chance to come back. Hmmm. Ah well, bon apetite