Friday, October 24, 2008

My heart, she runs away with me

Its been an odd one.

My day was book-ended by two notable cars. Driving to work this morning there was a minibus in front of me that was trying to spray water onto its windshield. But the squirty things on the bonnet were obviously pointing the wrong way because it was spraying a lovely comely arc (in the glorious morning sunshine) straight onto MY windscreen. Completely missing its designed destination. Their windscreen wipers were swooshing overtime – as if to some funky jazz - but not getting much water. And they kept spraying. And spraying. And spraying. And I kept laughing and laughing and laughing.

And on the way home tonight I was driving behind a yellow VW beetle that was not doing anything special, just pootling along and it made me want to go and tickle someone. I love beetles.

Anyway, I’ve been all emotion today. As you can probably tell. Swing swing swing.

Work. Bla. Feeling a little trudgey. Finding rehearsal quite hard. Difficult to try and dig deep into the nuances of characterisation when you only have half a language under your belt. Lots of blank stares. I’ve been getting that all week. Anyway, we’re nearly done and I’m always waay too critical of myself work-wise so gave myself a good talking to (but not sure if I actually listened, as my sister pointed out). Oh also quite hard because two of the actors (ex lovers) had a fist fight a couple of days ago. During rehearsal. Uhhuh. And last night she called the cops on her ex boyfriend who got locked up overnight. And they all live near each other so hardly anyone got any sleep and we were minus two people at rehearsal. But we forged ahead and we shall see what monday brings.

And I spoke to my sister and our best friend from university has gone back into the hospital and that, I am just blocking that out for now. I cannot deal with it.

THEN (am I boring you?) I went to a concert tonight. Yes. A real live concert with world class (no I mean it, real proper world class) performers. Who all live here in Arusha. A cellist, a violinist, a guitarist, a sax and flute man (I don’t know how to spell flautist. Oh there.) A dancer. And there was music and improv and dancing. And it restored me.

There was the professionalism, the vibe, the energy, the fun, the chemistry that I have been missing. There. And I drank it in. Osmosised it. Whatever its called.

And I looked about the makeshift stage they had there and I pictured our new play. Opening night. Here. The one with the acrobats. The one that is going to be mind blowing. For this wee town, anyway. And I was inspired again.


tam said...

oh it is its going to be fantastic! Your Arusha debut! Imagine, you've only been there not even a year. Well done you.

Chimera said...

Oh Miranda..those photos! And the need to tickle the beatle! Emotional roller coaster..I understand. I love it though...feeling so full of something you want to cry and laugh at the same time.
You are amazing.
Much love
T x

Dumdad said...

And an inspiring blogpost as well.

I've always had a soft spot for Beetles.

Break a leg as, I think, one should say to actors before a performance; I wouldn't really know as I'm too much of a scaredy cat to tread the boards.

Val said...

great post - felt the ups and downs with you. Love the VW beetle - they are cute indeed! sorry to hear about your Uni pal..
and then the drama within a drama!! blimey - all in a days work hey?
best of luck with the play - would love to see it xxx

family affairs said...

Blimey a real emotional roller-coaster - lovely lovely blog - such a brilliant description wanting to go and tickle someone after seeing the Beetle Lx

Reya Mellicker said...

Music always helps me in every way possible. It's restorative, inspirational, and healing, too.

Your production will be FANTASTIC. Mid-rehearsal doldrums is part of the trajectory of good theater, isn't it? Always was for me when I was involved in something good.

The photos are beautiful. That last one? From an airplane window?

Sorry to hear about your friend. Sending love and energy - oh - and music, too.

Miranda said...

Thanks all for your kind comments!

Reya - thank you for sending love, energy and music! The last photo is of Laos from an aeroplane -gorgeous gorgeous country. The others are from our epic drive from Zambia to Tanzania.

Family Affairs - hurrah, thanks for the visit! (oh and I read your post the other day about how your grandfather knows Janelle's aunt? Well this same aunt is my (step) grandmother and I just found out that her cousin is Reluctant Memsahib's mother so this is REAL 6 degrees of separation!!)

Val - thanks for all your comments and support. And for giving me an award!

Dumdad - Break a leg indeed. I'd be more of a scaredy cat for breaking a leg than treading the boards, wouldn't you?

Ah Tanvi, you always say such nice things. And you the writing genius, really appreciate it.

And Tam tahnks to you too. For being on the end of the phone day and night as well as everything else! You're right, I've not even been here a year yet (although I say "and I've almost been here a YEAR already") heh heh

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Ah. I was going to ask about the last photograph too - but you've already answered.

Fascinating to hear about Arusha and the people in it. Novel material for an absolute cert.

Janelle said...

oh baby..its just been because you've been missing ME!!! well. back now. and you can come take your kitty now!!! they've grown even huger...! hopefully see you this week..MISSING YA! XX janelle

Mud in the City said...

You are most certainly never, ever boring!

I went to see a friend in a show last night. It was a charity do. Over the course of 24 hours they went from never having met one another, to preforming Me & My Girl at the London Palladium in front of 2,000 people. Mind blowing!

Lori ann said...

Good Luck with the play! word veri is actodump??