Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I shan’t use this as a forum to bitch about work or people.

But I would like to thank Tam, dear sister of mine, for knowing and calling me and letting me rant – sorry about the phone bill!

Therefore I have nothing to say, really


a very good night to you all.


tam said...

Haha. Anytime dear. i mean really.
Do you know any chefs who let you watch them cook?

Angela said...

Was her own cooking that bad, Tammy? Shall I send recipes? EASY ones? When you have a full stomach from a good meal, all those people and work conditions don`t feel that annoying anymore. But still, it`s good to have sisters!!!!

Val said...

thank you God for sisters and FRIENDS ... sleep tight xx

Lori ann said...

miranda, i'm glad you could talk it off(hopefully) and i hope things will be better in the morning, these kinds of days happen!a good nite to you too~
xx lori