Thursday, October 9, 2008

Walk on

Ladies and gentlemen, progress has been made. Brain, creativity and inspiration have come skulking back. Not entirely mind, they’re still prowling around the periphery, taking quick nibbles at the chocolate brownies but it looks promising. Thanks for all the encouragement.

So yes, progress on that front. And hopefully progress on a much bigger ‘just say no’ front. I grew up in the safari industry. I have been indoctrinated with ‘accommodate, accommodate, accommodate’ from a very early age. Go out of your way, FHB (family hold back) ‘shhhh the clients!’ So, in short, I cannot say no. And people can sense this and they pounce in spectacular fashion. I could write a (very boring) book on all my experinces. Just yesterday, a woman cornered me and jabbered on an on and on for about 45 minutes. About what? I have no idea! It was in very rapid fire Swahili. I got the first bit that she has a child who needs sponsorship through school. Artist, fixer…drawer…..tanzanite…..dig…..roots…..what’s your address…………phone number please…….I’ll find you actors….. Umm. Yes, that’s all I got. 45 minutes. Of me nodding and looking over my shoulder and saying “um…”. Oh dear I really must get a grip. I eventually managed to scurry off.

Then, miracle of miracles, I (finally) put my foot down on the work people coming to watch rehearsals and commenting every three minutes, questioning my choice of this, my interpretation of that, my casting on her. On day one. Go away. Come back after ten days. And it worked. So easy! (thanks Tam!)

THEN today. As I was walking out of the rehearsal venue this afternoon a man stopped and shouted at me: “Praise the Lord!”
I faltered but (phew) kept on walking, with memories of my first day of university, reverberating in my mind like a recently gonged gong. Of being sniffed out as easy prey and sitting in a circle with a group of fresh faced youth singing kumbaya and holding hands (I’m not joking! How did I get myself into THAT situation?? Oh and I was just sitting there looking bewildered. I was not singing kumbaya).

Anyway, back to the “PRAISE THE LORD!” man.

I kept walking.

And he shouted after me: “Say His name. Say His name! Say Jesus Christ!”I’d got to my car at this point (him shouting across the parking lot at me) and I shouted, over my shoulder “Jesus Christ”. It sounded like I was swearing.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Saying no is easier said than done!

CJ xx

fush and chips said...

Praise de Lawd? Run a mile. Proselytizing christians scare terrify me as much as mimes, and mimes scare me frigid.

Val said...

Miranda - you introduced me to this blogging lark and i am having SO MUCH FUN with it - thank you thank you x your blog is a constant inspiration - just love how you write - so fresh and immediate.
Glad you learnt the 'no'lesson - its not an easy one but jolly useful.
What a bunch of wierdo's at the Jamboree looking for fresh victims. ha well done for the getaway.

Mud in the City said...

"Just say no!!" it's really very empowering.

Did you find my motivation by the way?

Miranda said...

Crystal - too right! I find it really really hard!

Fush and chips - yes, in exactly that accent! And indeed, mimes ARE pretty scary!

Val - really? You are so kind. I'm so glay YOU'RE blogging! I don't think I've actually learned the no lesson yet, but I'm trying!

Mud - You're right. It really is. And I'm learning that no explanation is needed. Just plain and simple - NOOO. I did find your motivation and I'm borrowing it for a while. Do you mind? I suppose you'll be wanting it back?

Mud in the City said...

If it helps, you're welcome to borrow it for a bit. Tonight I have replaced it with free champagne!

Can I have it back by November? And maybe upgraded to "Motivation + ability to do something about it" as well please?

Miranda said...

Sure I'll work on adding the "+ ability to do something about it" and send it back to you by November if you send me some of that free champagne? Fair deal?