Thursday, December 18, 2008

My year in brief(s)

To copy Mud and Tam I thought I'd take a look at my year so far. I know I promised you migration pics. Oh and sofa pics. All in good time my patient readers, I'm struggling to get them uploaded, downloaded whatever its called. So, while we wait for those....

See in the new year through bleary half drunk eyes from our hotel room in Saigon on honeymoon. Never seem to manage to see the new year in properly. Any other day I can (probably) stay up til dawn but the pressure on new years eve? naaa, always fall asleep like I've been knocked on the side of the head by Popeye with a big rubber mallet. I suppose all that booze doesn't help. So anyway, our grand plans of seeing the new year in lively and awake in the buzzing streets of Saigon was in reality viewed from our (very nice) hotel window, me asleep and drooling in the armchair and brand new husband trying to coax a wee bit of champagne down my throat. Can't fault the man for trying. Think he drank the lot himself in the end, good man.

Started off in Hong Kong and after Vietnam went on to Laos and Northern Thailand. Cooooool trip. Rode an elephant.

Come home mid Jan to a new life in a new town in a new country. Had moved a couple of months before to Tanzania from Zambia. Reality of this hits home.

Turn 32.

Explore this new place we've moved to. I volunteer for a few weeks with a local acrobat troupe made up of street kids.

Spend three weeks at Swahili school. Every day from 8 in the morning 'til 5 in the evening, plus homework. Feels like drinking water through a fire hydrant but I learn a lot and fast. A quick, secret trip to the UK visit the in-laws since they couldn't make it to our wedding in December. It snows.

Travel to Zambia. A two week visit to the Serengeti and surrounding areas looking to set up a Maasai speaking drama troupe. Amazing. See the migration, see lots of different Maasai dance troupes and a wedding (not sure how that happened!)

Go to Olduvai Gorge and see the origins of man. Amaaaazing. Go with a funny very knowledgeable man who always wears a bowler hat and who dug here many moons ago with Mary Leaky. He is full of gems and we stumble upon many old fossils just lying about. I fondly think back to my childhood dreams of wanting to be an archaeologist and realise that it would probably be quite boring and hot actually.

I start to blog. My life is changed forever. haha. not really. I go to Zambia to start Seka off on a new project. Spend the week living in the village way out in the sticks doing what I love best.

Spend some time with my mother who is having an exhibition in Nairobi. I go to the opening and she comes and hangs out with us here for a few weeks. We spend most of our time sitting in the fireplace.

Go to Zanzibar for the long weekend. Help out with some safari guide examining in the Serengeti. I get my bike.

My company is set up and work permit approved. Have a fun time being an extra on the BBC sitcom Taking the Flak (coming to screens near you in 2009!)

Train and form a drama troupe and create a play for a company that works with street kids. All in Swahili - challenging but fun.
Get a cat

Go to Zambia. Again. Create a new play and a radio drama. Catch up with everyone and bring back a year's worth of finances to go through. Yuk. Pick up my new passport with my new surname. I am now a different person.

More safari guide examining. In-laws arrive and we head out to the Serengeti and tomorrow to Zanzibar. So on that note dear friends. Have a fab festive time and see you on the other side.....


spacedlaw said...

Have a great holiday season too!

family affairs said...


Miranda said...

Spacedlaw - thanks! You too. It's blissfully untinselly here right now.

Lulu - You too! Hope you and your kids have a great great time!

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Hmm, it's been a good year then. Have a great festive season.

Jill of All Trades said...

All I can say is WOW! Have a great holiday.

Miranda said...

Rob - yes it has all in all. Obviously had some shitty things happen but I'm trying not to pay them too much heed. Hope next year brings you rich harvest after your fallow year.

Jill of all trades. Thanks, you too!

Lori ann said...

That was interesting and a good idea Miranda! my wish for you is all good things in 2009.
Merry Untinsely Christmas!

Wandering Jay said...

You are living a dream. I wish i could say the same. Anyway, it's nice to read and know a little about you on this blog. Happy Holidays too.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

it's uploaded dear miranda. have a lovely day.

Janelle said...

great post mo! wonderful to see you yesterday..looking glorious as always xxx j

Mud in the City said...

Wow Miranda! You have packed a lot into newly married life. Great to read about too - have a fab New Year and here's hoping 2009'll be a good one!

Miranda said...

Lori - you too and hope 2009 is just fabulous for you

Wandering Jay - We're all living a dream aren't we?? Hope 2009 brings you closer to yours

Ernest - ah, thanks! Good day to you too!

J - heh heh Thanks skattie. Great to see you too and catch up on all the goss

Mud - Didn't feel like it at the time but now that it's all written down I guess we have! The best 2009 to you