Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet Larry

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Happy Larry.

Larry likes to watch us in the shower.

We worry about Larry.

Is he a perv?


Janelle said...

larry's one cool cat for sure! we love larry grey matter rashid. xxx

Dumdad said...

Wow, what a tongue. I bet Larry the cat's as happy as Larry. Um, well he would be, I suppose.

Angela said...

IT´s like watching TV for him. Our cat used to sit outside our kitchen window, watching us do strange things inside. For hours. Only once it wasn`t her, but a marter. That was scary.
Veri word is dismsiv.

Millennium Housewife said...

US in the shower? You have a big shower....MH

Val said...

he'd probably like to join you if it wasnt for all that WATER. U cant tell a cat not to stare but you could try...

Mud in the City said...

Stunning eyes!

Only worry if he starts bringing a camera with him.

spacedlaw said...

He looks like my Microbo (when he was still a kitten), who is ALSO fascinated by water.
Some cats actually get into the shower with their owners, although most will try to sneak in after the shower, to play with any residual water (or drink it).

tam said...

Burroughs likes to watch the bathwater drain. Larry looks great. I hope you have reassured Clever Bollocks that she is still top cat?

SafariB said...

Theres something about that tongue and your last blog about cats licking their bums which i just cant get out of my head!!!!!!!

Veri word is majiti

Lori ann said...

hahaha he he, no, Miranda, everybody knows its dogs that perv, not cats. Larry is curious.

Miranda said...

Janelle - Larry Grey-Matter Rashid rocks

Dumdad - indeed he is! The pervert

Geli - yes, like TV. He loves it

MH - Thanks for the visit, I'm honoured! Naaa, shower not so big but.....

Val - he just sits on the loo seat and STARES

Mud - heh heh, yes true. Don't want him making a buck on the side. If he does he'll have to start buying his own food

Spacedlaw - when I saw the picture of the kitty on your profile page a while ago I thought just that. Snap! Yes and he does indeed drink the water when we're done with it

Tam - Indeed Clever Bollocks still top hat, I mean cat

B - eeeeeooooo

Lori - heh heh. Not sure sure about this one. He gets a very odd expression on his face!

karen said...

funny, our cats also love to slosh around in the shower leftover water!Larry looks very cute! :-)