Thursday, January 1, 2009

Positive thinking

Isn’t it funny how we put the bad things from our mind? Dwell on them as briefly as is necessary and move on. Search for the positive, the lessons.

Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone and maybe I’m just really lucky that my default setting is positive and happy but I’m sure we all do it to a point. When I did an overview of my year it looked fabulous and peachy, no? And it was. Oh yes it really was. A great year. They almost always are.

But only after I got a few comments saying how lucky I was did I think, yes I really am. Except of course Jo-Jo dying (of a brain tumour after she had successfully battled cancer through sheer positive thought). And Silky (who died suddenly of an Ebola like disease) and dear Janine, my best friend from university who is battling cervical cancer. And that I didn’t manage to make an awful lot of money this year since I’m starting out in a brand new country with all the bureaucracy setting up a new company involves, with a new language etc. And just now I was looking through some pictures from the year and saw the wreckage of the fire from when my husband’s office burned down (his second month in to his new job), taking most of the operational side of the company with it. And I thought, Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

But why focus on these negative things? Jo-Jo taught us all so much about love and life and the power of positive thinking. And Silky was one of those gorgeous people, an aura of sunshine. A barefoot glowing cherub, we were lucky to have known her. And Janine? Well I’m afraid I’m still in denial there so…..

And what’s not earning much money when you have all these new opportunities coming rushing at you from the sidelines and headlong? A new language to learn – how exciting is that! New actors to train! We didn’t starve this year. We have food, we have health, we have loved ones.

I don’t mean to sound glib. When you experience the death of a close friend or family member I know it can knock you off kilter for years. And terrible terrible things happen that it’s hard to pick yourself up from. But if you focus on the small bad things it doesn’t help anyone. I really believe that negativity breeds bad things, I really do. What’s a fire to worry about when no-one got hurt? Okay it destroyed everything material and half the complex but really, so what? Husband now has a lovely tent in the garden as an office and that’s much nicer!

The point is you could focus on all the negatives but where would that leave you? There is always a positive, always a lesson and I think we should all consciously do more of that this year and see if my theory is right and focusing on the positive really does enhance our life and make us happier…

What harm can it do?


Dumdad said...

Hear, hear!

Janelle said...

oh mo absolutely! too right i say...and how powerful positive thought is too...its magnetic. heaps of love beautiful miranda xxx j

Lori ann said...

you don't sound glib at all dear Miranda!thank you for a lovely reminder and the perfect words to start the new year! i agree, its our choice, we can always look for the good in things :)

spacedlaw said...

I think we have a deply imbedded "life goes on" command in our system, which is why we seldom die of despair, despite the temptation. Something that makes us survive, go that little much further day after day.
wishing you a happy 2009.

GoneBackSouth said...

You are absolutely right, and you wrote it beautifully. It is much better to focus on the positive, I agree, and I'm going to try and do that much more in 2009. But really life is a mixed bag - some good - some bad - that's just how it is.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh gosh Miranda. Written beautifully. I too lost a dear friend nearly three years ago and my mother and am still dealing the reprocussions from it all. You put things in a different light for me to think about. Thank you. Happy New Year.

Angela said...

You are my kind, Miranda! Love ya!

fush and chips said...

Sorry to be contrary, but I think we need to hold the bad things in our hands for a while. Just for so long as the dirt becomes pearls.

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Positive thinking, the practice of gratitude and embracing the reality of past, present and future. Seems like a healthy way to deal with it all to me.

Wishing you all that you wish yourself for 2009!

Miranda said...

DD - Amen

J - yes true, magnetic it is

Lori - thanks!

Spacedlaw - you're so right. happy 2009 to you too

Gonebacksouth - hello again! Absolutely. And the bad is good. We have to have the bad

Jill of all trades - I'm sorry about your friend and your mother. I hope you're coping okay. Good 2009 to you

Geli - xxxx

Tim - ABSOLUTELY I agree with you. Love that dirt becoming pearls. I think what I mean is that it is so easy to ALWAYS whinge and complain about how shit things are when in fact there are so many good things hidden in the bad. We certainly need to look at the bad and think about them and hold them BUT view them in a positive light (how easy that sounds) instead of immediately dismissing them as a disaster .

Rob - Indeed. And to you to for 2009!

Mud in the City said...

Too right! We can't put our heads in the sand and pretend that the bad stuff hasn't happened, it needs to remain with us and become part of us. But we can't let it over shadow us. We have to remain positive for ourselves and our loved ones. Here's hoping for a good (and non flammable!) 2009.

Miranda said...

Mud - you're absolutely right. I loved your overview of 2008 coz it was so well balanced in that regard. Hope 2009 is well balanced but erring on the fabulous!

Val said...

you dont sound glib at all - in fact heroic! i think what people mean is they envy your positive and happy attitude when they say they envy your life. Its not always easy to stay positive but those that can inspire and energise the rest. its a big job but you seem to have it under control :-) Reading your blogs and your take on everything, is like a long cool glass of water when you are thirsty - it may well have a secret ingredient cos it always makes me smile too! xxxx you are special!

Miranda said...

A Val, you are too kind!