Monday, January 26, 2009


I have been tagged to muse on 6 random things. So

1. Do you think fish fart?
2. How long do you think Repunzel's hair actually was? And how did she brace herself when that bloke climbed up. And didn't it HURT?
3. I wonder how much sushi I could eat in one sitting before I vomit. It's on my to-do list as soon as I have the baby.
4. No sushi when pregnant? No wine when pregnant? Who MAKES these rules? (yes, yes, I know)
5. Can you really only fold a piece of paper a certain number of times?
6. Why don't cats get sick when they lick their bums?

oh. Finished already.


Dumdad said...

All good questions!

I think the common consensus about folding paper is seven times but I'm not trying it!

family affairs said...

1. Yes
2. 25m. Core stability. No.
3. Not much
4. Def not. Def yes (new reports say some absolutely OK - better to keep a calm mother)
5. Yes
6. I really don't know the answer to that one. Apparently there are more germs in saliva than bottoms so perhaps they cancel each other out


Janelle said...

silly sausage!
yes fish do indeed fart.
her hair was loooooooooooooong and hurt like buggary. he was fat. she braced herself against the thick walls of the castle but suffered neck pain for the rest of her it didn;t end happily ever after.
ergh, pass on the sushi thingy..but knowing you it would be ouf! an acquarium full? maybe?
yeah. its true the paper folding thing...about 6 times isn;t it?
and as for cat poo....ooooooooooergh....don't know...because they dig their own shit? sis man....
you crazy girl...
lovely seeing you today..!

tam said...

You can only fold it 7 times. I have tried, and tried, and

the hair is a metaphor, surely?
but for what?
and is that why Delilah cut off Samson's?

um, i think they do.
My cats don't do that.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

1. yes, that's why we see bubbles in the pond!
2. long enough to reach the bottom; otherwise, he'd have needed a ladder to reach her tresses. (Was she facing the window with her noggin' against the wall?) Ouch, ouch, ouch! Although, perhaps she was very strong like Samson & it didn't hurt.
3. good question
4. it's nice to know the rule has changed on the wine aspect of pregnancy ... calm mothers is a good thing
5. stands to reason ... like anything you can only do something a certain number of times
6. the saliva in their mouths resists disease transfer... heck, I don't know.

Where did you come up with these musings?! Very cute & witty.

BlouKous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. That cracked me up so solidly.

To be totally honest I have often thought about dear Repunzel's lot in life - I for one would have let the man find his own bloody way up.

Congrats on your condition (don't you love the way some people can make it sound like a disease) - awesome news. However lack of sushi, unpasteurized cheese and wine still has me dodging motherhood.

spacedlaw said...


Miranda said...

Dumdad - I just tried and only managed 6 times but I'm looking for a very big piece of tracing paper and a very strong man to see if that works....

FA - Aha! Rapunzel was a pilates queen

Janelle - great to see you too. (KEEP ON BLOGGING). Poor old Rapunzel

Tam - ah yes of course. You cats are like the Queen (she doesn't lick her bum either).

LF - well thanks for tagging me!

Bloukous - good point about Rapunzel. Although she must have been damn bored and fancied a bit of hanky panky. Three good reasons to dodge motherhood. I'm certainly going to make up for it though - three of my favourite things! No fair!

Specedlaw - heh heh

Tessa said...

Well, my dear Mama always warned us not to drink water Aaargh, never mind. I have an award for you on my blog.

Val said...

fish - well they must or all those trapped gasses would keep them on the surface??
i think Tams right - its a metaphor but for what?? womanly wiles?? nah - too painful
sushi - plenty for sure - with a little rest now and again
didnt know about the sushi rule....really?
apparently so bout the paper...
cats bums..ugh - still thinking of vomiting on sushi...and i like sushi...

bindu said...

hello! I found your blog through a series of blogs I've been reading today. Saw that you are in Arusha, so thought I'd leave a comment. My husband and I climbed Kili about 7 years ago, and really loved Arusha - we stayed there for a couple of days and loved it. So just thought I'd say hi! :)