Monday, January 19, 2009

Serengeti picures

I go through phases on this here blog. Sometimes I'm joyous and confident and write silly things, bla things, whatever things and I don't mind. Other times I think "really, who CARES!"

I'm going through one of those 'oh geez, really - who cares' phases so to minimize the words, some pics celebrate this country I am learning to call my new home.


Angela said...

When you read your mom`s letter from "the time" which I still have, you will find that she had just the same feelings as don`t depair (do you have an address, or shall I copy parts of it? It is really an amazing letter. Good that I KEEP these things, hey? Thanks for the 22 kisses, they were sweet. And about blogging, I certainly feel the same way, and I`m sure most others do, too! Haha, veri word is: fouckid. Yep!

Angela said...

I meant despair. My spelling...tuttut

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Before she made the correction, I loved Angela's advice to de-pair - odd colour socks, non matching shoes different earrings - would be sure to get you some looks and sounded like fun to cheer you up so you wouldn't feel so fouckid!

Love the pics from your trip to the Serengeti, especially that cloud capped Mount Kilimanjaro. Awesome!

tam said...

it makes sense. Your whole identity is changing, so you probably need to just turn within and don't worry too much about what you write, who you are. We'll be happy with pics for now.

Janelle said...

yeah know the feeling. flip. i\m writing about the weather now, ferchristsakes...! GORGEOUS pics mo! lovely seeing you on sunday, beautiful You. XXX j

SafariB said...

Hello Madam-mummy-to-be

I chuckled at your picture of that plain. When I went to the Serengeti for the first time ever the guide said Serengeti means "Endless plain"... and I thought... hmmm... too right... endless plain!! where are the treeeeees?!

Just do whatever feels right Miranda... Some of our best writing comes when we dont think about it! :)

xxxx B

Dumdad said...

Hang on in there, Miranda, people do care! I was chatting to Brad and Angelina the other day and they told me they always popped into your blog to see what you were up to.

In unrelated matters, they still refused to adopt me.

Lori ann said...

ahh Miranda, i do know just how you feel. if you do decide to stop though, please can we email or write, this faraway "auntie" would miss you and baby on the way. And i'm thinking it might need a little sweater for those cold Tanzanian nights.

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

xxx Lori
commenting from my phone,hope it works!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Lovely pix. The one of Kilimanjaro (sp?) is completely "other worldly". It really could be on Mars if it wasn't for the vegatation (and the bloke I guess, he doesn't look like a Martian, but I'm just rambling now).

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

These photographs need no words. But do not despair your words will come on those days when you least expect them.
I need to go back through all your posts to learn how you got to this incredible land.

Jeannie said...

Wow! Incredible photos!

Pregnancy is difficult - you keep being told how joyous it should be and all you want to do is sleep as much as possible, and cry a bit. Do yourself a favour and follow the hormones :-) And DO sleep as much as you can - should you decide to have more than one, you will miss these days of pregnant-with-no-toddler-to-run-after very much :-)

spacedlaw said...

Great pictures.
I'd say your readers care.

karen said...

beautiful photos..i just love those ostriches, but my favourite is the bottom one!

take care of the two of you, and lots of bloggy good wishes from further south! x

Miranda said...

Geli - you are so clever to KEEP all these things! I'd love to see that letter but the post here is really unreliable. Maybe you could send a copy to Zambia and I can pick it up next time I'm there.....?

Rob - yes I quite like the de-pair thing!!

Tam - yea I guess. I'm sure normal broadcasting will resume shortly

J - heh heh. But even when you write about the weather it's fab...great to see you too.....

Hey B! I tried to comment on yours but failed. Welcome to Bloggsville! Exactly it was like, "oooh a tree, quick take a picture!"

Dumdad - heh heh. Yes, Bono is a regular commenter too. I'll adopt you if you want. A free and happy childhood in Africa? Naaa maybe not

Miranda said...

Lori - yes it worked from your phone - isn't technology marvelous!!! I won't stop yet, feeling better today for all your kind comments!

Ernest - Yes I love that pic. With the martian! I should have clarified though, it's actually of an active volcano called Oldonyo Lengai - very cool. I've never seen it in action, so to speak, but Janelle's got pics of larva coming out of it if I remember correctly. Lets get her to post them

Lizzy Frizzfrock! Welcome and thanks for the visit. Popping over to yours now.....

Jeannie - thanks for those words - it helps. You're right, all I want to do is sleep really but that is so not in my personality and I keep telling myself to just chill and enjoy the peace while it lasts!!

Spacedlaw - thanks!

Karen - yes I love that one too. It was taken at a maasai wedding that I somehow found myself at!

eet kreef said...

Drive by blogger here - I found your blog fascinating. I spent many years in East Africa, both in Dar and then west of Mwanza... I miss it very much.

Mud in the City said...

What skies, what blueness! Wonderful pics as ever.

Thinking of the 2 of you and hope today is a good day.