Friday, January 2, 2009

"That secret issue" and new years eve happenings

So did you all have a good New Year's Eve? Did you get WRECKED??* I didn't but I DID manage to stay up until THREE THIRTY which just NEVER happens to me on New Year's Eve. I'm usually snugly tucked up in bed or indecently sprawled in a gutter somewhere by ten o'clock, latest. But this year went out with some mates to dinner and then on to an open house party (we're still kinda new to this town so didn't know heaps of people but enough). Had fun and kissed lots of drunk strangers (not with tongue, you understand!) and told lots of people that I'm pregnant.

Which is true incidentally.

Oh the lies and deception in trying to keep THAT one a secret. (I'm still not exactly sure WHY we were keeping it a secret. I know, its risk of miscarriage the sadness that brings and all but I still wanted to shout it from the rooftops. They don't call me The Foghorn for nothing). But it's not a secret anymore and I'm FINALLY feeling able to breathe in the evenings without wanting to vom (and it's called morning sickness....why?). My sister of course knew immediately and called from South Africa about half an hour after I’d done my (third!) pregnancy test and said “So, you pregnant yet.” Heh heh.

So anyway, my brain has been a little fuddled of late as my posts have probably shown you, and I apologise for future fuddledness – I’ll try not to use pregnancy as an excuse. I’ll also try not to become one of those mothers that tells you all about the baby’s spit and poo, and tiny perfect fingers although I can’t promise that. If I do would please just cyber-tap me on the shoulder and say (pssst you're BORING us). Thanks. Appreciated.

It's really going to hurt isn't it? There seems to be a general conspiracy against actually saying how painful childbirth is, have you noticed? Everyone says "oh yes it hurts a bit, but then the baby comes and...." and they get all glazed over and talk about the miracle of life and spit and poo and perfect fingers and toes. Ah blast. Except Janelle that is who said she bellowed and I will too. She said with her first child she yelled at the doctor "PULL IT OUT, JUST PULL IT OUT!" So that's comforting.

So pregnancy aside I have heaps to do; a years worth of finances to sort through for my company in Zambia, fundraising to get them out here in the next couple of months, oh and I need to meet with the people who have commissioned four plays from me for next year - I mean this year - to tell them I have a thinglette growing in my tummy and try to figure out how to fit the 4 plays in before July. Eeek.

Anyway blab la bla. There I go slipping into the boring already.

Hmmm, now is there anyone I haven’t told who is going to get offended by reading this news on the Internet, I wonder?

Well, only one way to find out.

*This is my war-cry. "Lets get WRECKED!". Oh how very childish


Mud in the City said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is so SUPER exciting! What great news to start 2009 with. I do hope you're feeling better and able to Glow with confidence!

Miranda said...

Thanks Mud! Yes feel tip top now and finally feel able to do some exercise...which I SUPPOSE I should get cracking and DO!

Look forward to date 5 update! Ooh, I've just checked its there. I'm off to read it. Bayeeeee!

Val said...

this is truly great and exciting news - gives me goosebumps .... glad you feeling better now. with you in thoughts xx

Val said...

fabulous pic of the crowned cranes and chicks!!!!

Jill of All Trades said...

Congratulations. How very exciting.

spacedlaw said...

Congratulations! And what a cute picture!

Jeannie said...

Ah, congratulations - fantastic news! And I have to say, as someone who has had two epidurals, it didn't hurt a BIT!!! Well, the recovery part, after the epidural had worn off, was a bit bracing, but that's dealable with :-) Congrats again !!!

Janelle said...

now its REALLY out there! you're on the mountain top for sure! xxx j

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Woo hoo! Congrats.

family affairs said...

Fantastic news!! Happy New Year LXXX

Lori ann said...

Oh My Gosh!! i am SO happy for you Miranda!! ahhh, is something you could neverNEVER bore me with.(wiping happy tears away!)i know a bit about them so if you ever wanted to talk or ask ?'s or anything at all, don't hesitate to write me. hooray 2009!!
xxx lori

Lori ann said...

oh yes, i love the crowned cranes, at first i only saw the pair until Val pointed out the babes! beautiful!!

Angela said...

You`ll be a wonderful mother, Miranda. And your baby will LOVE you! And the more it hurts, the more you`ll enjoy each other (just a joke). Annika wanted to do it the hard way, but then her baby turned back upwards and she had to have a Caesarian - no trouble at all, she said! But either way, it is as they say, the minute it is born, you are so euphoric that you could (and will) scream with joy. I`m thinking of you (and the new Dad, too).

Dumdad said...


Chimera said...

Don't know why it didn't take my comment ...but to kind of rephrase..Whoooooeeeeee! this is fabulously fantastic and marvellous news! Congratualtions and all things sparkling! Please remember 'Tanvir' is male/female name and has many meanings and is a 'T' name like 'Tam'. just a thought!!
Yahooo for the year!
T xx

tam said...

Aaah, at last. SO excited. Just reading your last post, and my sad new year one, and just how precious it all is. What a lucky thinglette it will be to have such parents. A mother with a talent for happiness and a handsome clever dad. btw, Janet Buckland swears it wasn't sore. She's got a Method. chat to her about it. worth a try!

tam said...

and that is SUCH an awesome picture! man.

Miranda said...

Tam - isn't it a great oic! Took it when we went to Arusha National Park and took the picnic backback you gave us on its first outing! I know a lucky thinglette it will be to have a wise aunty too! Give. Me. Janet's. Contact!!!

Tanvi - Thank you, thank you! Ah bollocks, we have to NAME the thing?

Dumdad - asante sana!

Geli - thank you! I'm sure it'll be fiiiine! Eeeeek

Ah, lori - thanks for your kind words! I may well be dropping you a line at some point. My distant-not-yet-met auntie you feel like!

FA - thanks and happy new year to you too!

Rob - AAAAAHH, you mean! Thanks!!

Janelle- you betcha. Making up for lost time.

Jeannie - Thanks. Bracing, huh?!!

Spacedlaw - thanks. I know isn't it a sweeeet pic? They're like, "what ARE those? Did we make them?"

Jill of all trades - I know, isn't it! thanks!

Val - yes feeling muuuch better thanks!

Lori ann said...

dear miranda, in hawaiian culture the auntie is most respected, like mama in africa.women of a certain age :) get to be called auntie, i am touched beyond words, and honored. Your baby will most certainly be a citizen of the world, being loved and welcomed already by all of us!
xxx lori

Lisa said...

Yay yay yay! Congratulations!!!