Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Practice Run

I got to look after 5 children (the number fluctuated depending on sleepovers), 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 horses and 1 fish this weekend. The practice run for parenthood. It was fun. Janelle was off on a horse safari so we said we'd stay at their place and look after the kids. And the rest.

We played Monopoly

We made a cake

We ate a cake

We played capture the flag

We went swimming

We ate pizza

We played soccer. Rephrase. Some played soccer. I watched. And took crappy photos

We ate pancakes

We went for a walk

We played 'consequences' - the drawing version. (when you each draw the head, then fold the piece of paper over and hand it to the next person, who draws the body etc. Remember that game?)

We took pictures of my tummy

We played the categories/alphabet game

And lots of other things

And fell into bed every night exhausted. Well, I did anyway. And that was only a weekend. Eeeeek


Lori ann said...

Hahaha, honey, sorry, I'm just laughing because you are so cute. Look at that baby bump. It's like this, baby's start out small for a reason, you grow together. You'll be fine, see how well your doing already carrying the precious babe.
Could gabby and her friend be any cuter?
take care mama
love, lori

Shiny said...

Oh wow! Look at your beautiful bump! What fun! I was up in the big smoke over the weekend to see my sister and saw your lovely sister too. So much exciting news all around. Leaves me grinning. Again x

tam said...

That Gabs is just like her mama. I'm sure they all loved you. Even the fish. xxx

Mud in the City said...

Beautiful bump!

You are still a long way from 5 children...unless you have more than 1 lurking in there?

Angela said...

It`s not only the tummy, it`s also the bosom that grows to unthought- of dimensions! Just wait! Did you get my email with the picture? And all the names along with it?

Tessa said...

Perfectly formed bumpalicious!

Janelle said...

ah sweets...THANKS THANKS THANKS AGAIN SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! i owe you forever. you know that. when baby rashid arrives i am so THERE....BIG KISS XXXX j

Rob Inukshuk said...

Oh boy, what a weekend. Pity you didn't think of doing it pre-bump, now it's too late to change your mind. Just kidding, you know you loved it and the excitement is growing.

Miranda said...

Lori - Ah! I we'll all figure it out as we go along. Good!

Shiny - I know, lots of grinning all round!

Tam - well truth be told I didn't actually even see the fish.. but it was there, under the roof that I was taking care of so.....(does it still count?)

Mud - noooooooo, just one. PLease, just one!

Geli - yes I got the e-mail thanks, its GREAT! I'll reply now now. And yes to the boobies. Geez. Wish they could stay like that!

Tessa - heh heh, indeed

J- such a pleasure. Anytime. iT was fun and your kids are SOOOO well behaved!

Rob- haha!! Well, quite!

Jeannie said...

What a wonderful bump! Enjoy it now before it gets to the point where you can't see your feet... kidding, kidding!! That hardly ever happens with first babies. Second pregnancies though - pah! Feet invisible by Month 5 :-)

Beautiful, beautiful Ngorobob children you were taking care of...

karen said...

lovely post - and great to see the youngsters of the janelli tribe appearing on another blog!! :-)

Ziongirl said...

The joys of motherhood. There is nothing comparable...Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos.

Val said...

hey Miranda - tagged you on mine! hows the bump?
looks fab!