Saturday, March 7, 2009

My neighbourhood

We're moving soon. In April probably. I'm reeeeaaallly excited. We've been in this neighbourhood for just over a year and have enjoyed living here, all in all. But it's behind a wall and I just can't get used to that. Its also in a gunshot-every-night kinda area and we live right next to the most unsociable church you will ever find. Now I wouldn't mind if it was lovely church singing and quaint church bells every Sunday but it is as far from that as you can get. Fire and Brimstone preaching (through a megaphone). Terrible terrible karaoke type singing (through a megaphone) and crazy tongue-speak that sounds like cats and chilli in a blender booming out as loud as non-stop thunder. And now they seem to have purchased one of those terrible tinny Chinese xylophone things that they somehow manage to crank up really really really loud. The last straw. It wouldn't matter SO much if we could drown it out with our own music but the power cuts are so frequent that our music doesn't work and they have a bloody generator. And this is not just on Sunday. Its on most days, certainly all weekend and every Friday night from dusk until dawn. Here it is - looks pretty innocuous doesn't it. Don't be fooled! Oh and we drove past yesterday and they were only preaching to about 6 people.

But all in all its a cool neighbourhood to live in. The road is a bit of a bugger but not unbearable

At the bottom of the road is a hub of activity. You can buy most things there. There are hardware stores, a little market (which is also the bus stop), charcoal sellers. Damn, didn't get a picture of the butchers. A tiny white building with legs hanging in the open hatch. Cow legs that is,

A hair cutting parlour

And my favourite, the video place. I think they show movies here and write up the movie schedule on chalk on the side.

We have some funny neighbours

And some pretty trees

And when we drive to town we drive through some coffee plantations

But we're moving up to where the air is fresh, where the mountain is visible, and where the view is most spectacular. To Ngorobob Hill where the neighbours are our best friends. Hurrah.


Oh and every day we see SOMEthing that makes us smile and jump up and down and chuckle and clap our hands together in glee no? An "A'int life grand" moment? Mine yesterday was, at the only traffic lights in town, a goat, waiting at the zebra crossing for the lights to change to cross over the road. In with a big group of people but not actually WITH anyone. Hahaha. We advised it to run for the hills before it was made into nyama choma and it seemed to heed our advice and made a beeline for Mt Meru. Good luck Bwana Mbuzi.


Lori ann said...

wow wow wow. i love your pics and moving and nyama choma yum yum.

and time still to feather your new nest.

do you think i could send baby doodle a little hat? or blanket? knitted by me?or something for your new home? let me know.

Congratuations on your new home on the hill!!

xxx lori

Angela said...

What a neighbourhood, oh my oh my. Quite contrary to what I am used to, and I thought the old unpainted houses in the former DDR were looking kinda poor... and that "road" and the church, creepy - me having pictures of the Cologne Dome in mind as to what a church looks like! Quite something, the shops, oh I liked the Hair Cut Salon, and I can picture the butcher`s from your description, all very amazing. But in our so different surroundings we don`t have a goat waiting at the traffic light...and what do we miss!!
But going to move up to Janelle`s Hill is of course the best thing you can do!! A baybsitter next door! And a blackboard on which to write your orders! Will be HEAVEN!

family affairs said...

Great photos - brilliant - you;ll be right next door to Janelle! I bet she's really excited Lx

Shiny said...

Oh, I love, love, love this post! I have a thing about knowing where people live so I can picture them so this was just perfect. And how exciting to be moving somewhere fabulous. Goodie gum drops x

Janelle said...

oh yes oh yes SO excited darling! can't wait! xxx j

spacedlaw said...

Wise goat. :)

Miranda said...

Lori - I know, exciting huh! That is so kind to offer to send a lovely knitted-by-you item for the baby! I'd love that. But will need to think of a cunning way to get it here as the post isn't so good....stay tuned!

Geli - very different from what I was used to in Zambia too. No endless expanses of animal filled bush right on my doorstep. Although its still close! Am really looking forward to being out of town and having a view again.

FA - Yes indeed. We've been neighbours before so know that we won't get too sick of each other. I hope!

Shiny B - thanks! I'll have to post pics of our new spot too then!

Janelle - I should hope so! hahah

Spacedlaw - yes. A wise goat indeed! But then they are aren't they?

SafariB said...

Yay Miranda!!!! Brilliant news :) Hugs and more xxx

Ziongirl said...

Oh My........The blessings of Africa!. My daughter spent 3 months in Tanzania and fell in love with your land. Blessings!!

Rob Inukshuk said...

Good luck with the move and may you be happy there.

Oh and you're gonna miss that mall!

Mud in the City said...

Home sweet home - and moving next to the pink house on the hill! You'll have to get a spotty horse too!

karen said...

I do love all those images of the neighbourhood, thanks for them!! and that church..ohhh i can relate to it... sounds like you are going to a most wonderful place though!!

Dumdad said...

There's an award awaiting you at my blog.

Miranda said...

SafariB - xx

Ziongirl - glad your daughter enjoyed it here - its hard not to!

Rob - hahaha, yes I shall miss the mall!

Mud - I know, exciting hey! Maybe I'll get a spotty rocking horse to start with....

Karen - yes excited about the new spot...

DD - ooooooooohhhhh! Thanks, on my way over, just getting my speech ready

Lee Ryan said...

Excellent post and Great Pictures!!