Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Wriggling Thinglette

22 and a half week tummy

I have avoided talking about my pregnancy on this blog because I assumed it would bore the pants off everyone. And possibly I'm right but some people have been asking me for pictures and info and details so I shall break the silence.





Also terrified and wide-eyed and dry-mouthed but mostly just plain excited. I keep thinking my tummy can't possibly get any bigger but of course it can and will. I'm only just past half way. I am going to DOUBLE in size in fact! I sometimes forget that I have a large sack of potato peels attached to my front and try to squeeze into spaces I'd normally have no trouble with and then get stuck.

I'm loving having an uncomplicated wardrobe where only 4 things fit me. Today that is. Most days I get cross that I've got nothing to wear. But it DOES mean I can go shopping. Which I like. I'm also finding trying on little tops from my wardrobe really hilarious. Wait I'm going to go and take a picture so you can see what I mean.....

See? Ridiculous!

Somebody came up to me the other day and said "How are you feeling? How long do you have to go?" And I so very nearly kept a straight face and said "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." But chickened out at the last minute!

Anyway, went to Nairobi a few weeks ago for scans and check ups and all is well. People kept saying beforehand, "oh the scan is great, you get to see the baby for the first time, it's so exciting, so overwhelming, you're going to cry. It's so emotional. Tweet tweet" In actual fact it was quite the opposite. We were rushed and had to cram in so many other unexpected check ups before we drove back the next day. So we're sitting in the waiting room - first come first serve (with all sorts of people with broken legs and arms and collar bones waiting to see the x-ray people. All looking rather in pain) and I mention to Husband how awful it would be if they found a defect and what hard decisions we'd have to make. Husband went green and stayed that way throughout the scan. We were called in eventually and the scan guy (scanographer? ultrasounder?) was obviously really busy and harassed. He was very thorough though and thats the main thing. It was almost like "okay - two arms - check. Two legs - check. Head - check. Heartbeat, yip. Intestines and stomach and all insides inside - check. Fingers, toes - check" You get the idea. Bam, bam, bam, yip, off you go. "Baby bigger than normal but that's good. You don't want to know the sex? okay, fine. All's well. NEXT!"

Oh and it WRIGGLES! At first it felt like popcorn popping in my tummy but now its all out kicking and tumbling. And when I need a wee it kicks my bladder which I think is a bit rude and inconsiderate, don't you? I'm told that'll get worse too and soon it will be like Animal playing the drums in there.

Anyway, bla bla. There you have it. Baby blog over.


Shiny said...

Oh it is SO exciting. My sister is pregnant too (19 weeks), she's got TWO in there though - identical twins (does that make me AuntyAunty B?). I was so tempted to comment on your Facebook status yesterday but am having to keep from being a blabbermouth about her news! How funny are your little tops over your beautiful big belly? I had a good giggle x

Miranda said...

AuntyAuntyB! Tam told me that exciting news - wow! Its going to be such fun! Yes the silly little tops - I am waiting with horror for my tummy-button to pop out - no sign yet but soon I'm sure. At least then it'll get a good clean. Eeooo! (Too much information??)

Mud in the City said...

Nt boring at all - but v v exciting! And a very neat bump.

Do you think your belly botton will one day just ping out? Or will you wake up to find out you've got an outy? Think of all the fluff!

family affairs said...

Oh you look gorgeous. How fab Lx

Miranda said...

Mud - I wonder. Think of all the fluff indeed!!

FA - thanks!!

Shiny said...

Ooo, yes, you must tell us if there's a special belly-button-popping-out sound. Maybe you should keep a dictaphone at the ready to see if you can catch it. It'd be a mighty rare thing to have recorded I should think. You could make your fortune selling it on e-bay x

Mia Watts said...

Flaunt it. Not all of us want to be mothers, yet I can recognize the beauty of a pregnant belly. Adorable.

karen said...

Lovely pics, and so glad to hear the baby is doing so well!

Janelle said...

oh babe you look GORGEOUS all the time..you really do! love this blog! xxx j

Lori ann said...

Miranda, well it made me cry.

Look at that tiny hand.

And your gorgeous bump.

what a record you are keeping for the preciousthinglettedoodle.

It is SO EXCITING, I don't think you can write too much, you know, mamas and aunties love this ;)

Dumdad said...

I see I'm the only man to comment so far!

Yes, it's all very exciting and whenever I read blogs about babies I think of 15 years ago when my wife was first preggers and getting bigger day by day. Everyday I'd notice women who were just pregnant, middling pregnant, enormous etc.

I'd comment to my wife as some stranger walked past us. "She's Harry." As in Harry Preggers. Don't ask me why. Maybe my wife's hormones leaked into my brain.

Anyway, it's all very exciting for you and thanks for sharing it with us.

Jill of All Trades said...

It is so very exciting. I loved, LOVED being pregnant but that was, well over 23 years ago now, the last time. The best part was the kicking and moving inside. It was amazing. Congrats and do keep posted.

Angela said...

The best comment I got when I was pregnant first time was from my father. I had my prettiest blue dress on, with daffodils, and he gave me a long look, then turned to my husband and said,
"Aren`t we lucky, Hans, not to have to look as bulky as THAT?!!"

Oh, but I loved my bulk! And Annika`s Johann keeps wearing a football under his shirt because he wants a baby, too!
I`ll be a great-auntie which makes me a great auntie, right? I want MORE baby posts, no, we don`t get bored, surely not. You are doing very well, Miranda. Baby already knows your voice! Hey, I just can`t stop writing. Sorry!

Miranda said...

Shiny - Oh what a good idea! You shall have to have a share of my fortune for the idea....

Mia - oh flaunt it I do!

Karen - thanks

janelle - agh thanks skattie!

Lori - ah, my auntie whom I've never met! Thanks!

DD - the only man to comment so far. Indeed! In fact the only man to comment full stop!! You're right about suddenly noticing pregnant people, neither husband nor I ever used to and now suddenly....well, they're everywhere! The place is crawling with them!

Jill of all Trades - thanks, so far I'm loving it too. Long may it last!

Geli - write away, write away! Annika and I are due near the same time hey? What will our babies be? Second cousins? Twice removed? I never understand all that....

Lisa said...

It's so exciting! And you look fantastic! I can't yet feel the baby and I'm dying for it to start.

Val said...

lovely lovely x happy news is a good thing so dont be frugal with it. BRING.IT.ON :-)
am excited toooooooo

Val said...

that little waving hand....hellooooo xx

Simply-Mel said...

Oh heck - you crack me up girl.

And no, not boring at all. Its okay to confess....its blerry exciting, this whole preggo thing.

Miranda said...

Lisa thanks! Its such a great feeling, so WEIRD!

Val, sweet hand hey. I guess they must get so BORED in there!

Miranda said...

Simply-Mel - thanks for the visit! It is rather exciting isn't it....for now!

Mud in the City said...

Something for the 2 of you over at mine!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Nice photo of you in the skinny top. I'm happy the scan turned out well. I've never had the experience of babies, but since I don't know what I'm missing all is well. No kids, no grandkids, etc. Enjoy & REALLY BE EXCITED!
Lizzy :-)

http://reluctantmemsahib.wordpress.com said...

how completley lovely. and what a perfect bump! i loved being pregnant. loved it to bits. loved the excuse to eat jam sandwiches late at night. and loved watching my wiggling tummy in the bath. blog all you can about it. it's a precious, precious time x

Miranda said...

Mud - THANKS!!!!

Lizzy - oh I am enjoying, I am!

RM - Thanks for the visit! Ooh jam sandwiches, there's something to ad to my spoonfulls of powdered milk!