Monday, April 27, 2009

Wresting with sweetcorn and the police

So in a fit of feverish efficiency we moved house at the weekend. Well, we moved all our stuff up to our new sparkly house on the hill, thinking that we were actually moving in. When in fact the house is juuust not quuiiite ready. So Husband has gone off to the Serengeti and I sit here in an empty house save my computer, the cat, a cold box of soon-to-be-rotting meat, some Ryevita, a motorbike helmet, a really ugly carpet, some old shock absorbers and a tin of sweetcorn - which I have been wresting with most of the night because I packed the tin opener.

Anyway, all is well and cheerful. By the end of the week we'll be in the new house (and Friday is a holiday, yesssss) hopefully without a bout of food poisoning (I must chuck the meat tomorrow!). It is a very lovely sweet pink house that gets buffeted by the wind. Maybe some pics once we get up there.

I am 5 days in to a new job. Supposed to be training some street youth in drama and the like but there is an old colonial law here called the "removal of undesirable persons act" that the police tend to cling on to and round up any vaguely dodgy looking people. Last week we had just started working in a field in town and the police screeched in, rounded up almost everyone there, shoved them roughly in the back of a landrover and took them away. "Do you know what thieves look like?" The policeman asked me "This. They look like this". Geez. Now I am not a bleeding heart, but give the kids a break, you know? They have a hard enough time as it is. So much for being innocent until proven guilty. And talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a few poor chaps were just walking by and got dragged off. Aish. Anyway, I don't feel like going into the details of it all. More soon.

Okay, time to take the cat and the tin of sweetcorn to bed.

Night night then.


Lori ann said...

Oh dear little mama to be, shall I send a package of yummy nutritious foods for you? that you can open with your bare hands??!
I am so glad you don't look like a thief either!!
Good luck in the new home, it sounds perfect.
xo lori

Janelle said...

can't WAIT! don;t sit lonely and cold..come stay!!! xxx janelle

spacedlaw said...

That's so idiotic (the police thing. If they were to put everyone away, then no crime might be committed. I hope nobody suggests them that.).
I hope you can get some better food (i.e. some food) soon.

Shiny said...

Oy! Should I send some milk powder? Police in Africa, hmm, that's a nasty, frustrating-sounding story. I think you should take up Janelle's offer and go there. No person can live off a can of sweetcorn alone. Especially not a closed one.

Hope your (and my) day is better than yesterday!