Friday, May 22, 2009

Angels on my side, angels by my side

You know those days when everything goes right even when things go wrong? Like when you lock your keys in the car in the middle of town and don't have a spare but there are suddenly a string of really wonderfully marvelous people there to help you? I walked over to Sameer's the local spare parts shop and the lovely lady there walked with me through the grotty back streets to help me find someone to break in. She took me to the fabulous chatty Mr. Banduki (meaning gun, a mismatched name if ever there was one!) who has a tiny little locksmith shop next to the Lively Lady (where the lady got shot last time I was there, if you've been following!). Mr. Banduki sent someone with me sort out the lock on the car. AND not only that but a friend of the lovely lady from Sameer's even gave us a lift back to where the car was. And the guy with his MASSIVE bunch of keys got in in one second flat. Literally. Hmmmm, almost as quick as when the thieves broke in and stole my tyre.....

And, because I am rather scatty of late (I am at the best on times) and Arusha traffic is a marvel of chaos, there were numerous occasions where I nearly bumped into people/cars/bicycles/glue sniffing youth but swerved/braked/looked at just the right moment and didn't kill anyone. But this is something I am amazed at every day.

So you know those days? Where everything goes right and you feel all grateful to humanity? I had one of those.

Tweet tweet tweet.


spacedlaw said...

Good on you (and thanks to those wonderful people)

Val said...

sometimes things have to go wrong first in order for you to meet all the wonderful people that help thngs come right. bravo Miranda - and your sunniness will always attract good stuff too.
Tweet tweet indeed :-)

Mud in the City said...

Those are the days when you begin to feel you are part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

If that makes any sense.

So smile my lovely and keep tweeting!!

Angela said...

You inherited that from me! I am full of such stories! It`s our sunniness, yes, Val, right! Even a tattoed, black-clad hell`s angels sort of guy with greasy hair once surprised me (and his mother) by lending me a hand!
And how is little sunshine doing? I want a letter!

tam said...

I'm having one too. Something is lined up just right at the moment. Someone moved all the rocks out of the river and its just flowing. But I think its coz you're coming here soon.

Mind you - I do think the size of your wonderful tum may have something to do with the angels of helpfulness lining up for you!

Miranda said...

Spacedlaw - yes, thank to them!

Val - well, as Tammy says I think the massive tummy may have something to do with it!

Geli - Oh yes I owe you a letter, I do.

Tam - goody goody goody. 3 more sleeps