Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chasing the Morbes

A few handy cheer-up tips for if you’re ever feeling a little down (and even better, do them as a matter of course):

- Blow bubbles face down in the bath
- Blow bubbles with a straw into a glass of water
- Fart in the bath
- Find a child and blow a rasberry onto their tummy
- When you lie down pretend you’re a really full lion and flop down, letting out all your breath as you do so (from a sitting position – oh I can’t explain it but its FUN!)
- Go for a ride in the bush on a motorbike
- Drink a coke and let the fizz go up your nose
- Do the aeroplane thing. Where someone lies on the floor with their feet up and you lie on their feet with your tummy and put your arms out
- Jump on a trampoline
- Pull faces at yourself in the mirror
- Listen to the bird calls and make up stupid things that they’re saying
- Play in the mud
- Smash bottles
- Scream into the wind

What are your tricks for dispelling the blues?

(Oh and by the way, I do not have the blues. Au Contraire. Just saying)

Picture is an imprint of a pigeon that flew into the window!


Lori ann said...

~ eat chocolate

~ call my mom

~ jump in the ocean

~ read funny texts on my phone

did that pigeon survive??

how is the doodle? ♥

Janelle said...

a run. a stiff scotch. a jay. sms an ex. after the stiff scotch. uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm....go to bed. whatever a LOT. rage into the wind. uuuuuuuuummmmm...have a jolly good cry...aherm...rubbish at this so i'll stop here! glad you're not down honey! lots love x j

SafariB said...

- Ill go with J and contact an ex... or a male friend that adores the pants off me;
- or contact my sister;
- or have a bath and a beer together
- eat copious amounts of toast
- put my music on really loud in the car - or turn it off and sit in silence
- read my friends wonderful blogs
- stand and stare at the wildflowers and the butterflies and the bumblebees for a very very very long time... in fact just completely zone out on the floor; on the bed; anywhere.

ha ha ha ... veriword is "noluffi"... no laughing... get it? ha ha.. yes and i swing from morbes to insanely manic giggling in two seconds as well.. :)

Mud in the City said...

- run really fast

- gallop (need a horse though)


- a giggle, there are always people who can make you laugh

- the sound of the sea

Shiny said...

Sticking you finger into that little whirpool thing that happens when the water runs out the plughole. Over and over


karen said...

great list! Glad you are not feeling blue!! for me: chocolate, wine, blog-reading, communing with nature, hugging a tree, cat, dog, sympathetic human...

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

Chimera said...

What a brilliant picture!!
T xx
and if i am blue and can't get into the bush for a walk then;
i sleep.
watch CSI
drink gin
sleep more.

Val said...

watch a movie
hug a tree
blog reading ;-)
write it down and throw it away
i have a copy of a friends home movie of a trip to moz once ages ago - its so bad it always makes me laugh :-) so if all else fails.......

family affairs said...

wrap your arms round your knees and roll backwards and forwards.