Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The name thing

Names. Its hard. To choose for someone else. Something so darn permanent. And important. And I, if you didn't know, am a very very indecisive person. So. What NOT to name our child has been easy. We are avoiding:

(yes these were all in the book)

….and many many others. This bit is easy! What we ARE going to name our child remains something of a mystery…

Now this is bound to offend some people who are named or have named their children some of the above and if that’s the case sorry. But. Tough. I mean seriously. Uranus??

We recently found a book of African names which is also really funny. The names themselves are sometimes quite pretty but the meanings….. for example.
Kitwe – a smelly little copper mining town in Zambia (sorry Kitwe residents)
Kesho – tomorrow
Agh, I can’t remember the others, I left the book at my sisters but they are pretty funny. Like some names mean something quite normal in Swahili, but the same name means something very rude or weird in Chinyanja.

Of course there is the first name surname combo that can be so fun. Or mean. Such as the proverbial Mike Hunt that we've all heard about. I know someone whose surname is Came and we thought it would be a good idea to name his son Justin Andy. Geddit? Just in and he came? Okay I probably didn't need to spell it out for you. Then my grandfather always used to tell of a family whose surname was Down. And the dad was called Pop and the children were called Ben Down, Aida Down, Bob Down and Neil Down. I always thought he was making it up but I recently read a book set in Rhodesia that also talks about this family. I was delighted when I read that! I also know someone who named their child Justin Case. And a friend said she went to school with a Berry Dingle (apparently a dingle berry is the bit of poo that hangs off a bear’s bum!)

So we have a long shortlist and hope the name will jump out at us when the baby is born….in a week and a half give or take. Aaaaaaahhhh!

Thanks to Mud and her latest post for the inspiration. Or should I say for the blatant plagiarism. Me plagiarising her, not the other way round!


Mud in the City said...

Terminus? Seriously? Why not go the whole hog and call him Train Station?

Some people.

Did you read about the NZ couple who were not allowed (by a court!) to call their daughter "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii"

Who are these people?

(Quite favour 'Borat' for yours though, baby mankini in the post!)

Lori ann said...

I think you'll know what to name baby dear once he/she is here.

I loved Imani which means faith in Swahili. One thing to think about, choose a safer name for the first and the more "creative" one for the middle, then when the child is older they can have a choice. Both my girls choose the creative to go by sometimes...

soooooo exciting...a new mama!!!

Jill of All Trades said...

Good luck with that naming thing. We loved the family names but shyed away from a close relative...Drane...awful don't you think.

Janelle said...

heh heh! i had a friend called dorcus pugsley. x j

Shiny said...



I thought you'd settled on Ougadougou, like from the Womble-naming tradition!

Love, xxx

karen said...

good luck with the name choice - it will be much easier once the baby actually appears! wow, only a week or so to go? thinking of you! x

macjanet said...

The year I was at Rhodes there was a girl in the H Dip Journ course called... Iona Camera.

Jeannie said...

Ohh, good luck with it! We decided to stick with the Catholic tradition and go for saints names (good thing, as I'd decided on James long before I'd even conceived) but boy, there are some odd odd saints names out there!

Janelle, your friend sounds like a character from Harry Potter! Sadly, probably a Slytherin, poor girl... :-(

Angela said...

I thought about names that run in your Dad`s German family branch. Actually, Helmut (from Himmelpforten) was among them, and he had a twin brother named Otto. That was also our grandfather`s name, Otto, and that of his eldest son. Grandfather Otts`s brother was called Erdmann (earthman), and I think that is a good, solid name. Erdmann Rashid, haha. Harun Al would of course be better. But girls? Hmmm. Pamela Angela Barbara? (tehee)

tam said...

There was also that girl called Rika Onions. Seriously. Poor lass tried to insist on pronouncing it O'nions. And don't forget, the dwarf called Neil. Oh heavens.
In case you haven't heard - M gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 3am on the 4th of July. she is perfect.

Reya Mellicker said...

So glad that, at the last moment, you were not inspired to name your daughter Uranus. Or Egbert.

Congratulations, Miranda!

SafariB said...

Yay yay yay!!! :) Sooo happy for you guys! Need photos quickly please! xoxo

Lori ann said...

welcome to the world little one~

congratulations Mama & Papa

Miss Disaster said...

The name from the baby name book that cracked me up was "Balder," which was apparently Irish, meaning.... ready for it?.... "bald."

Why would anyone name their child this?

Seriously, I could have saved myself a lot of grief and time by buying the "250 Good Baby Names" book instead of the "30,000 Baby Names" book.

Then again, I wouldn't have laughed as much, either!

Love your list. :)

Magpie said...

Did you know that Miranda was a moon of Uranus?

(My daughter is Miranda...)