Sunday, August 30, 2009


Because the words are jammed I'll have to keep just posting pics for a while. They're swimming around there somewhere, the words, but they're all in random order and keep getting snagged on the bits of driftwood that are lodged in my brain. So soon I will tell you a story. But for now, as prompted by Val, some more old family pictures.

or not

internet connection, she having a sulk. And why not, its a sunday after all

so next time




Lori ann said...

hey enjoy your sunday, babydoodle and the internet being down. all good things.


spacedlaw said...

No problem.

Shiny said...

We wait with bated (baited?) breath... xx

SafariB said...

Haha ha... well I seem to be the only one who found this funny! You caught me out.. there I was thinking.. oooooh... photies!! All excited.

And then I got that "blank"..


kind of feeling. I guess kind of like how you felt too..