Thursday, August 20, 2009

The tether end, good friends and a glowworm

Last evening I found myself peddling backwards frantically, swimming against the current, shooing away the end of my tether that was approaching rapidly, rabidly grinning. Husband is away in the Serengeti, baby was SCREAMING and showing no signs of stopping and we had no power. So I put the baby in my kangaroo pouch (which she squirmed and screamed in) and walked over to Janelle's. Like a cooling balm (sorry can't think of an original simile) she helped relieve my tension, made me laugh and made me a 'nice cup of tea'. Coz its always a nice cup of tea hey?

And on my walk back in the dark, under the polished black surface of the sky, I saw nestled in the grass, a glowworm.

And I knew that everything would be okay.


Angela said...

YES, it will.
How wonderful that you have a close friend in walking distance, praised and blessed be Janelli. And for you it is good to make such good experiences NOW, like with a puppy who ought to meet only friendly older dogs on his first walks. They will give you (and the puppy) the trust that the world is generally a nice place and difficulties can be overcome. Three cheers to Miranda-Mama and Lara-Baby and Janelli-Friend! And the tea.
And all aunties.

Angela said...

And glowworms.

SafariB said...

Hear hear Angela. Hugs Miranda xoxo

Mud in the City said...

Tea, nd a break, and an understanding friend - a recipe to scare away that teather!

Next time I can provide biscuits.

JoeinVegas said...

Yes, evertything seems better after a cup of tea with a friend.

Miranda said...

Geli - yes three cheers!
SafariB - thanks!
Mud - yes. And cake helps too!
JoeInVegas - doesn't it just!

family affairs said...

Wish I could have been there too!!! Hope all feeling better today. I want to show you all my photos! Lx

Lori ann said...

Geli wrote the best thing, wonderful you have a friend, Janelle nearby. It's so great at those moments to have someone to talk to.
I would love to see a glowworm.
sweet baby Lara♥