Monday, September 28, 2009

Shakin knees

You sometimes see it on the television, flicking through the channels. You stumble across golf (never linger there), but there is a man, looking calm and cool in his silly hat and loose trousers and there's a wind blowing. As he's lining up the shot he looks really scared, like his knees are shaking. I wonder if you can hear his trousers snapping in the breeze?

Again, today, I drive past Braeburn School, looking proud and blue, set into the dusty hill and on the open balding field on the other side of the road there are possibly fifty big sturdy men, all in red t-shirts and loose trousers. Drill for a security company I think, but there is a wind flapping about the thin tired trees and dropping down onto the yellow field below. And the fifty men are all looking stern and scary but for their trembling legs.

How can we possibly take them seriously?


Janelle said...

yes you can! people do wildly dangerous things when their knees start shaking!!!!

Lori ann said...

How's baby love? is she sleeping a bit through the night? more pics?
I don't know anything about shaky knees! except for maybe mine ☺

Miranda said...

Hmm, Janelle, good point. I shall have more respect for them next time!

Lori - yes she is a wonder. Only wakes up (barely!) once for a feed at about 1 and then straight back to sleep. I have HEAPS of pics but am struggling to load them on here and FB, will keep trying tho! Hope you're feeling okay with an empty nest?

spacedlaw said...

The wind playing tricks on men, reminding them that they never are the masters they think they've become (or in some case think they were meant to be)

Shiny said...

Our wind here at the moment is turning shaky knees into fall-down legs... It's wild! x

Miranda said...

Spacedlaw - yes indeed, I like that!

Shiny - Oy ve, your wind is quite something (ummm, that didn't come out quite right!) I remember literally having to hang onto a lamppost to stop myself bumping down the street like a piece of litter, in your city under the mountain.