Friday, October 2, 2009

A Day in the Life of.

A little mundane, I know, but I have to write something or I fear my brittle brain will disintegrate and waft out my ears like ash.

So. A random day in the life of me.

3 am. Wake up with happy quiet moonlight glancing shyly through the curtains. Think, 'huh, baby usually shnoffling and rooting around by now looking for my boob" And husband too, on the other side of me. heh. But baby still fast asleep, arms thrown up by her ears and knees out at an angle I could never manage without years of yoga behind me. Listen carefully to hear if she's breathing. Touch her arm. Aha, snoffle shnoffle, root root, 'where's the boob, where's the boob'. Sleepily lift her from her cot next to the bed onto my boob. She drinks, I snooze. We both snooze. Eyes open, grunt. Put her back into the cot. Grunt grunt.


6 am. Radio jumps up cheerfully and starts jabbering away in Swahili. Oh pants, already? Husband starts clattering around getting ready for work. Brings me tea. As ever.

Awake asleep awake asleep. I dream I'm a werewolf.

7 am Awake. Baby wakes up. Best bit of the day. She looks at us, and laughs and laughs, like she knows something we don't. Which she probably does. Change nappy, feed, etc etc. The gal has a long and very animated conversation with a piece of tinfoil that I've strung up above her head, allowing me to shower and have a quick brekkie of millet porridge. Yum.

Check e-mail. A job cancelled. Secretly relieved. Facebook. My cousin says that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are joining up and it will be called YouTwitFace. Hah! Blog. pah, no more comments. I imagine the few readers I have yawning and sidling away from my blog in an "oh gosh, is that the time" kindov way.

9 am Work myself up for the drive through town. The traffic in this here town is not pretty and deserves a post of its own. I have written one before, but another is due, I think.

Aw geez, you know what? I'm bored already, and I'm only at 9 o'clock.

So shortened version. I went shopping. Was momentarily alarmed by the large tractor being driven by a teddy bear in Shoprite. Bought some stuff. Bread, soap, that kind of thing. The baby got hijacked and handed round by the various members of staff and customers at the shops. The rest of the time I juggled her in one arm and tried to push the trolley in the other. Its a skill I tell you!

Then went to get a mattress. My ma is coming next week. Yippee yippee yippee. One end of town to the other. Nearly get run off the road half a dozen times.

12:30 Drove home. Saw one of the Maji Safi (clean water) trucks sucking up water from one of the streams that amble through town. In some places the streams are clogged with litter, in some places they seem cleanish. Try not to think too hard about the litter bits as this is the truck that delivers water to us up on our barren little hill. They come and fill up the underground tank in our dining room - the rain water ran out long ago.

Untied the mattress from the roof of the car and carried it in. Looked like a tortoise I imagine.

Afternoon. Play with baby. Book mother's ticket. Blog. Write a budget for Seka to travel to a festival in South Africa. Walk over and visit Janelle.

And this evening I'll go and meet my husband at the gym. He'll be on the motorbike and the baby and I in the car. When he's done he'll take the car and the baby and I'll ride the bike. I'll ride fast and free, hit every bump I can find, stand up on the last dirt bit home, dodge the cows and the donkeys. I might even shout WOOOOHOOOO!! Then I'll get home, put the water on for the baby's bath and be a mother again.


Lori ann said...

I miss these days. Well, not that there was swahili on my radio, you understand, but the one arm juggling (a true skill!)and the snuggly nights, rushed showers (actually don't miss that too much). So great you can just walk up to Janelle's.
Such a sweet post of a day in the life.
And SO exiting your Mom's coming!

Rob Inukshuk said...

Ah, so that's what you get up to!
Nice to have Granny come to stay - enjoy her visit. My Mum is visiting from Joburg right now and it's wonderful.

Jeannie said...

It's so important to get just those few short moments to shout WOOHOOOOO! They recharge your batteries for being a mommy again. I was never very good at taking the gap and getting them, although I'm starting to now. Of course, the kids are 4 and 2 already, so it's not before time :)

Val said...

I love your blog! i have another song for you by the Eagles 'you cant hide your lion eyes' ...
Such a beautiful day in the life of you - and great that Pam is on her way.I will join you all there in my dreams :-)
have a great great day and give an extra loud WOOHOOOO on the ride home later xxx

Mud in the City said...

Your bloggy friends aren't going to desert you that quickly, dear Miranda!

Janelle said...

great post darlin'! sorry i rode off yesterday..but time was marching and the horse was saddled and and and..i felt bad...XXX j

Angela said...

I`m so sorry my liquorice parcel has ended up in someone else`s den, otherwise Pam could have taken it along to feed you (for a change). Moms always like to feed their babies, I do it with mine, too, and they are as grown as you (chocolate cake and apple sauce, mostly). I do love your blog, too, and agree to all that everybody says. Do a loud whoohoo every once and again! IT´ll keep you sane from "just" being a mom. Our little Caroline does about the same thiongs as Lara. Annika says she does push-ups at night (the baby), does yours do that too?

spacedlaw said...

Your cousin is funny (and wise I suspect).

karen said...

Hi Miranda, love the post, especially the image of you roaring home on the motorbike! Baby sounds ever so sweet, glad you are enjoying her...

family affairs said...

You haven't lost any of your wonderful blogging skills....lovely to read about your day and your flits in and out of sleep and/or motherhood Lx

Iota said...

Let me cheer up your 7.00 - 9.00am window. Here's a comment.

Seka said...

Iota - woohoo, thanks!!
FA - haha! Indeed. Thanks.
Karen - the baby is too sweet for words!
Spacedlaw - he is actually! Last week he said "The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.” " HAha
Geli - I'm sad the liquorice went missing too! Yes Lara has just learned how to turn over and does so at every opportunity, except once she's on her tummy she doesn't want to be there and can't turn over again on her own!
Mud - I hope not - thanks to all you die-hards!
'Nelle, don't be silly, its not like I came from miles away!
Val - si excited for Pam to more sleep!
Jeannie - I know, even a short ride like that makes such a difference!
Rob - oh lucky you, I'm sure she's enjoying herself
Lori - I know, I am enjoying myself and every time I feel bad that I'm not back at work I make myself stop and appreciate the time we have together now.

Thanks for your comments y'all

Shiny said...

Oh, I loved this post. Loved, loved, loved. I am realising that the best posts come from the minutiae of life. Did you see that? I used minutiae in a sentence! Hope I spelt it right xx

Miranda said...

Ah thanks Shiny, I am greatly encouraged!

I also notice that there is someone called Seka masquerading as me replying to my comments. If you google Seka she is in actual fact, a porn star. Hmmm.