Friday, November 13, 2009

Of writing and other adventures

Oh yes, that's right, I have a blog.

I'm still here.

But I am taking the NaNoWriMo thing very seriously. Some day the words are spewing forth diarrhea like (why is that such a hard word to spell? I had about 6 gos until got it right! Did I get it right??) sometimes I feel like I've used them all up and only had a certain number to give. I flog the horse. He dies. I flog him some more, he wakes up. But. I have reached 20,345. I think maybe sixteen of them are usable but it's the process that counts, or so I keep telling myself. It's in no shape to show you any exerts yet but maybe soon I'll go through and give you some of the worst sentences I can find. "He put a gun in my back and said 'follow me'" was one my dad used once as a kid. "Thousands and thousands of people were dying where no man had set foot" was one of mine (as a kid, I hasten to add!). But I'm sure I have some of those in there.

In other news:
It's finally RAINING!!! Joy of joys
My dear sweet gurgly four month old baby has TEETH!
And tomorrow, dear friends I'm going to ZANZIBAR! (since we've taken the capital letters route). Husband has to go there for work, ho hum what a bore, so we're going along for the ride.

Kay bayeeeee. Back on Tuesday sickeningly smug, with photos and tales of eating prawns as big as my foot.


Val said...

gee wizz WELL DONE! on the 20,000 plus - impressive indeed... i think it will be fabulous - i love how you write - so so fresh; so while Lara cuts her teeth - you are cutting your nanowrimo teeth - ha!
and have a FAB trip to Zanj - looking forward to pics and words to follow xx

Mud in the City said...

Have a wonderfully, fabulous trip! I am biting back my elemental jealousy as I write that. Not easy.
And as for all the words - wow. I'm in awe!

Miranda said...

Ah Val, such lovely and well needed words of encouragement! Thanks!!

And Mud - hmmmm, I'm not sure it will compare to the trip you've just taken!

Angela said...

Why are you always going to ZANZIBAR which is only the most beautiful place on earth as everybody says who was there, why not go to the red-hot Transkei or some other dry desert place? Oh, and please everybody who reads this, please look up Janelle`s former post (put it in the search line of Ngorobob House on the Hills:)"The bata bata flip flop ghost man of Zanzibar!" You`ll know what Miranda is expecting there... hahaha

Dumdad said...

"He put a gun in my back and said 'follow me."

I love that.

Zanzibar. It sounds so exotic. That's because, of course, to me it is.

And there was a sci-fi novel entitled Stand On Zanzibar by John Brunner.

Lisa said...

Diarrhea is a word I can never spell either.

And your baby now has TEETH!

And you are going to ZANZIBAR! A place I've always wanted to go, as the name is so enticing!

Have fun!

(Yes, too many exclamation points. My apologies.)

Iota said...

Diarrhoea is difficult, partly because the UK/US spelling varies, so you've seen it two ways and therefore both seem wrong.

Zanzibar sounds SO exotic, and I'd always wanted to go there, till a colleague did (about 12 yrs ago, this is), and said it was a big disappointment. Had had so much development money that it felt totally rebuilt and not very authentic. I'm interested to hear your take on it - I hope you can restore the romance for me.

Well done on the writing!

Shiny said...

Oh, how deadly dull to HAVE to traipse along behind Husband Dearest to Zanzibar of all places...

It seems I'm not quite as adept at hiding my jealousy as Mud!

Woohoo to teeth and words and glittering azure seas with dhows dotted about.

Lots of love xx

Miranda said...

Shiny - I know, how dull. Oh well, I'll do my Duty!

Iota - huh, I'm interested to hear that. There are still loads of crumbling buildings and yes some of them are being renovated but I still feel it's pretty authentic. I'm sure it's much more developed than 12 years ago though so.... My mother went about twenty years ago when it was really falling into the ground and was amazed how changed it was now. I think soon much of the beach properties will be developed soon so if you want to visit do so now. I still LOVE it and think its very exotic and the old cliche about the whole island smelling of spice is true! Go and visit I'd say!

Lisa - we had fun!!!

DD - I heart Zanzibar

Geli - ha! We're so lucky that its so CLOSE!