Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Life with Dhows

My words are all used up. So just some pics of this weekend in Zanzibar. And I would please like to point out that these first two pictures were taken at dawn.


As in veryvery early in the morning


Shiny said...

Oh wow. And look at that happy baby-by-the-seaside xx

Angela said...

Ah, those palm trees...and the glittering water...while we had a rain storm last night and temps of about 3°. Yes, Mom and Baby look great! Wherever she will land later, she can always say, "Look at me, there on Zanzibar where I spent my holidays as a child..." Me, I have pictures of myself, playing at the beach of Cuxhaven and Zollenspieker. Not to be compared, sigh.

Val said...

gorgeous - congrats on the dawn patrol too :-) lovely lara's first taste of the ocean xx

Mud in the City said...

A water baby - how fabulous! And don't dhows always look so beautifully and romantically shaped?


spacedlaw said...

Take heart! The words will be back, in pack, hunting for the weackest ideas of the flock.

Those Dhows are most elegant.

karen said...

Wow, Miranda - I am just enraptured by your photos! No words needed, especially since you are needing them all for NaNoWriMo!

Miranda said...

Shiny, indeed! I wonder how many pictures there are circling about from the beginning of When They Invented Cameras of babies at the seaside in sun hats!

Geli - see, my above point proved (not about when they invented cameras but about everyone having pics of themselves at the beach!) Mine are lake Malawi I think.

Val - thanks!

Mud - Dhows. Sigh

Spacedlaw, indeed they are!

Karen. Thanks! Dhows are so photogenic all you need to do is point your camera in the right direction!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Beautiful photos! It is all so serene. Lovely photo of mother & child.