Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chinese Whispers

I have a friend who is trying to adopt. Let’s call her Jane. She has found the cutest little baby girl in an orphanage near here. The baby was left at a market stall by a woman asking directions to the toilet. She asked if the marketeer could please hold her baby while she went to the loo. And she never came back. So the baby was sent to the orphanage and my friend Jane is loooking to adopt this baby. Just to be clear here!

So yesterday I bumped into my neighbour at the butcher. As you do. And she said “what’s the story with Jane? I hear she went to the toilet in Usa and someone gave her a baby?”

That’s small towns for you!!


Picture window today

Two little monkeys peering in


Lisa said...

I love your picture window and I love your pictures.

And I hope Jane gets the baby.

Lori ann said...

I love these picture window photos SO much! HOw cute are the kids, and well, that view, incredible. It doesn't even look real.

I hope your friend gets her baby, I really do.

Janelle said...

aw shucks i miss those two monkeys! Sweet man! xxx j

Mud in the City said...

Is the the modern version of the Stork story?

Miranda said...

Mud - ha! Yes indeed! And doncha love how the story gets twisted?! Maybe it's only funny when you know the people involved....

J - they being so sweet man!

Lori - ha, they're the neighbour's kids. So sweet. I saw numbers written on the window the other day and couldn't figure it out - now I know!!

Lisa - thanks. I hope so too. Tanzania have just passed a law that single women can't adopt but it has yet to be signed by the president so she's having to act really quickly. Fingers crossed

spacedlaw said...

So much fun and confusion in the gossips!

Rob Inukshuk said...

Okay, so Jane was left at a Market when she was a baby and now the President wants to make her going to the toilet illegal? Tee hee.

Hooray, more winda pics!
Wonderful views, out as well as in it seems!

WV= milogrin (a chocolatey smile?)

karen said...

Cutest little monkeys indeed, and the view is just awesome!! Bizarre distorted story about Jane's potential baby.. I just love small towns!

Miranda said...

Spacedlaw - you bet! Growing up in a small community I've been at the brunt of many a twisted word!

Rob - yes, something like that! Oooh, I wouldn't mind a milogrin

Karen - Just love that view!

Janet said...

Love your picture window.
You gotta love small towns!!!
Gorgeous monkeys