Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sundowners at Owani Lagoon (working title)

Okay, so the book. You really wanna know? Okay.

Its about a girl
a boy
a safari camp
a film crew
a bar
an ex fiance

You know the drill

It's unashamed chick lit. Not a literary masterpiece and I'm fine with that.

Here's an attempt at a synopsis/back cover thingy for ya'll

Unlucky in love Nell has grown up in the bush and works in a safari camp. Her boss Felicity is an aging It Girl from London and when Nell falls for the dishy cameraman filming a reality TV series on Felicity's new life, she feels her luck has finally changed. But will it last?

Quiet, witty Andrew, escaping a broken heart and ruined dreams has come to work a season in the safari industry. Will he be able to resist Nell's quirky charms? Or will his ex fiance Alice come and mess up everything?

Sundowners at Owani Lagoon explores the stereotypical differences between men and women in a hilarious and fresh new light.

(or something like that!)

I'll see if I can salvage an exerpt or two

Oh and suggestions for titles most welcome!


Dumdad said...

Sundowners at Owani Lagoon

Great title!

Angela said...

Oh wonderful! Tell Lola and her film crew to come and make a film of it! It`ll be a smash.
By the way, I`m good at correcting minor spelling faults and commas (I did that with my Tobias` doctor degree work), so why not send the whole story over to Auntie Geli`s?? (Lure, lure)

Janelle said...

sounding goooood mo! ferrsure! xxx j

Rob Inukshuk said...

Sounds good. How about "Love at the Lodge"..???...nah, I like your working title better.

Val said...

love the title and the story sounds like heaps of fun - more more!

Mud in the City said...

I want to read it! In fact, I think I want to be in it.

Miranda said...

DD - yeah? Cool, thanks!

Geli - oh it needs more than a little punctuation correction believe me!

J - Thanks! I hope your unwavering faith in me is not unfounded!

Rob - heh heh!

Val - thanks. I'm working on it. And I think a little something from you too???

Mud - the first request can be arranged...hell maybe even the second!

Shiny said...

Woohooo. What fun. I am mightily impressed. And you have a leetle baby. And I saw how much time such creatures take up after my visit to The Big Smoke. You're, like, Wonderwoman! x

Miranda said...

Shiny - yes they do take up an awful lot of time but I only have one. And she much prefers being left on the bed to kick around than being held so that makes things easier too! Don't think I coulda managed 50,000 words typing with one hand!

karen said...

wow! thanks for the info.. I think I love the working title, too! Looking forward to some more sometime!!

Lori ann said...

oh darn! Geli beat me to it! i will offer my services to proof read to you dear Miranda, i do it for my husband all the time, no charge! well, he does have to take me to dinner occasionally and give back rubs once in a while...
i can't wait to read this, it sounds fun and i do love all those things you mentioned. i don't see why the title can't remain, it's all good to me.
love lori