Monday, December 14, 2009

what I did today

Inspired by PurestGreen I shall let you in on the exciting and rollercoaster life of one Ms. Miranda. What I did today:

- Read some blogs


- Googled my name with wants and laughed at the results (also inspired by PurestGreen)
Miranda wants me to stop also
Miranda wants us to drink shit
Miranda wants Taylor NOW
Miranda wants a horse to call her own
Miranda wants to sleep

- Ate some fudge. Made by my fair hand a few days ago (had opened a tin of condensed milk to satisfy a sugar craving and thought I'd better make something with it or I'd eat the whole tin in one sitting and wizz around the house and bounce off the furniture like a balloon that you've blown up and not tied a knot in and let go. (phew that's a long sentence). Or Tom Cruise)

- Coughed and spluttered and blew my nose 265 times and cursed the coldey fluey thing I have 482 times. Although I do like my new Tom Waits voice

- went out with the in-laws who are staying. A lunch of pasta salad and tamarind juice

- went to friends Maasai jewelry shop and watched as baby gal got passed from person to person and laughed at all the ladies with their jingly jangly Maasai jewelry (the baby did the laughing, not me). Persuaded the women that they didn't really want to keep her

- hid from the rain

- drove back on a road that had literally turned into a river

- took a picture of our picture window.


Lori ann said...

thats funny, when i married i lost all my interesting google things attached to my name... :(

there is a maasai jewelry shop? i would LOVE to see that.

and THAT is your view?? good grief Miranda, that is picture perfect. How incredibly gorgeous.

take good care and i do hope you feel better soon.

♥ lori

Angela said...

Wow, that view! I just wrote you a request mail and would like to include that picture!
How is Mom?? Haven`t heard for ages.

Shiny said...

Now that picture should be in the dictionary under 'picture window'. It's like a picture. Through a window. Me? Profound? Certainly. Sounds like a lovely day, except the snot bits... hope they're gone now xxx

Mud in the City said...

Now That is a picture window! Wow.
Hope the baby isn't snotty too.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Wow, what a fab view. Sounds like a good day, sniffles aside, but you can't have everything.

Miranda said...

Rob - oh but you can!

Mud - no not yet. Hope hope hoping that she won't get it too!

Shiny - Indeed it is the perfect example of a picture window and I plan t feature her a little more regularly here!

Geli - got the mail will definitely send - good idea! Mom is fine, in Zambia, just had another successful exhibition

Ah the maasai jewelry shop is amazing! You'd love it I think!

JoeinVegas said...

That does look more like a picture than a window.