Friday, January 29, 2010

The meek shall inherit the moon

A few years ago I shared a house with the lovely T. We lived together for two to three years and when she left she sold me all her furniture, kitchen appliances and so on. She said “I’ll give you everything for $1,500”

I sighed.

Scratched my head.


Took a breath and said

“Make it $2,000”

This is why I will never be rich.

Picture window (in need of a clean!)


Mud in the City said...

Worth your weight in good karma though!

Hope you and the little one are feeling better now.

Miranda said...

yes exactly! And there was a lot of stuff. And she, ever such a generous person!

We're both doing better thanks! Been crap at commenting, so excited for your move. It will be scary but great!!

Angela said...

I say to my pupils, If there is one thing I can pass on to you, one quality in life which I think is the best, I say: Be generous at heart!

Dumdad said...

How funny - I did exactly the same thing some years ago when selling my car. A good friend made me an offer which was more than the price I had in my head as a minimum; so I said I'd only accept the minimum.

Yes, I'm not rich either....

Dumdad said...
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Dumdad said...

That's me deleting comment that repeated previous comment for some reason.

Bon weekend!

pam said...

Someone wanted to buy my hyena painting at a show for their husband and I found myself talking them out of it "He may not like it - you know - this painting can look a bit threatening - some people dont like hyenas - I wouldnt do it if I were you....etc" Then thought to myself" hello this is my livelihood - I am supposed to be selling a commodity not advising them against buying..." Duh - more gene buildup for you. Sorry for that

Janet said...

Don't know why it's taken me so long to get to your blog!!