Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still no title

Let the record state that I love my daughter more than anything,


(You can hear a but coming can't you?)

A combination of a cold, PMT and work-from-home-with a fevery teethy baby have left me feeling like some crafty bugger has pulled the bones out of my body, carefully minced them up and then poured them back.

Yes, yes I know. "It will get better" I hear you all chorus, but I want to moan and feel sorry for myself. Just for a minute, okay?


Feel better already.

Just went for a ride on my motorbike and screamed and swore as loud as I could at the bus that tried to run me off the road. Then hit the 20 speed humps on the hill up to our house as fast and hard as I could in the failing light, standing up, with my whoops and shouts reverberating in my yellow and black helmet.

Much better.


Picture window

Close up of one of the craters as seen in certain light from the picture window


Angela said...

Just so you return safely to your dear sweet lovely baby! She loves you even with minced bones.

family affairs said...

I wish i could ride a motorbike with the wind in my hair and that view and scream my head off. In my london suburb I'd get arrested within minutes Lx

Rob Inukshuk said...

Um...I don't mean to alarm you too much, what with all your problems and minced bones and all, but there might be a bigger issue to take note of.... It appears that something rather big has eaten a bit of that mountain!!!

Shiny said...

Oh goodness me. How crap to be feeling uk. But how lovely to have a wild abandon ride to improve things. Must be the planets... I'm feeling it too. And my baby's not teething luckily. Oh, wait, I don't have one. That'd be why. Sending love xx

tam said...

Damn i miss having a bike. Hope you feeling better. tis something in the air.

Janelle said...

aw shucks honey! it will all be FINE promise. sorreeeeeeey man. will see you tommorrow i ends early. love you xxx j

Miranda said...

Geli - always!

FA - oh but such fun! Maybe worth the risk? Hmm maybe not!

Rob - oh my god, you're right! It wasn't like that yesterday!

Shiny - yes, seems to be around. better today tho, hope you are too

Tam - come visit, ride mine

Thanks J - ya ya, will pop over xxx