Monday, January 11, 2010

This is where the fairies live

I kept expecting to see them flitting through the moss hugged trees. Maybe they were and I just wasn't quick enough. They're cunning little buggers, those fairies. My sister says that I should have taken along green lollipops, that they like those. Damn. At least I'll know for next time.

The pictures don't do it justice but the higher we climbed the louder the trees whispered and the swirling fog tugged at our coats and licked the back of our necks.

And all the while those pointy eared ones peered out from behind the wet rocks and with shiny eyes and ducked back again as we passed. They danced over water and said "nanananana" when we weren't looking.

And we drove through trees that hummed and vibrated and saw flowers so small that we nearly trod on them.

And when we reached the highest point we could go, the sky opened up and butterflies danced by on light wings.


Picture Window
And I woke up this morning to this. There's a magic in the air, no?


Angela said...

Fairyland, definitely. Green lollipops? Must try them with our bogeyman.
When are you taking your movie there, Miranda? About your life?

tam said...

Wow. Well, clearly the magic is all in your air, coz I'm experiencing the world as rather flat and mundane today.
How amazing from your window. Wow.

Rob Inukshuk said...

I am blown away with that view from your window. Magical it certainly is, as was the trip through the woods!

PurestGreen said...

Oh my - it's like a dream land! So beautiful.

Lemon Gloria said...

Breathtaking, truly.

And you know I covet your picture window.

fush and chips said...

Wow, those pics are beauuuutiful. Where were they taken?

Val said...

ooh magical indeed. do you know the drawings of Arthur Rackham? he could draw fairies and mystery out of forests. That view too, awesome. Definitely happy magic in the air aaround you. Like Tam feeling a bit flat around here xx

karen said...

gorgeous photos, Miranda, and that WINDOW. I guess i can get over my window envy if you post enough pictures of its changing faces on your blog!!

Miranda said...

Karen - oh i plan to! You'll be bloody sick of my kitchen window when I'm done!

Val - no I don't, but I want to! Shall ask Mr. Google

Tim - thanks! They were taken half way up Mt. Meru. Arusha National Park. An hour's drive from us (maybe you would like Arusha after all!)

Lisa - thanks. Love our window too - we're so lucky!

PG - it really is. And has such a magical quality to it

Rob - love it, every day something new

Tam - was all grumpy when Mark woke me up to see it but all was forgiven when I did! Hope the magic returns to you pronto

Geli - I bet the bogeyman would LOVE green lollipops

pam said...

Miranda! I am entranced. What an enchanting post. I was moved. And the WINDOW!!! Can one elongated rectangle reveal so many different countries out there??

Janelle said...

ah i LOVE that road. and the magic and that bloody freezing mountain stream...and the stinging nettles...its a perfectly beautiful place. and as for the view, bah, not impressed...gorgeous post, mo. xxx j

Lori ann said...

Thank you so much for taking us along! I really loved it. was it cold? warm? it's so exotic looking. you need a macro lens to photograph those flowers, i wish i could send you one! i want to see them.
and guess what? my mountain was covered in fog this morning too. your photo is gorgeous.

Miranda said...

Lori - Oh, my pleasure. You will have to visit one day to see it for yourself (and I you!). It was mountain fresh the air, you know, when it's cool and thin and invigorating?

J - I know, it's crazy that we don't go there more often. It's only a bloody hour away!

Pam - I KNOW, I love it. We'll go again when you visit. Hope you've kicked that blasted malaria thoroughly in the teeth. xx

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