Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I will never be rich part II

My uncle is famous for getting the decimal point in the wrong place. Where most people just buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best, he is a little more pro-active and full of brilliant get rich schemes that are genius in their originality and are powered along by sheer enthusiasm. He sits down and does the sums and says, “This will make us a million!” Then he looks closer and says “Oh, no maybe that’s 100,000. “ And someone else will look at the sums and say, “no that will make you precisely 100 “
“Not 10,000?”
“No, 100”

He often goes ahead regardless, just to make sure.

These are the genes that I have inherited.


Picture window


pam said...

whats that thing in the window?

Rob Inukshuk said...

Aaargh...the aliens have landed!!!

Val said...

ah a burning bush - dont hide your light under one! was that it?

with accounting skills like that you could have a future in government - its only a dot and some noughts after all :-)

Lori ann said...

you don't have to know maths to make money honey. at least i don't think so.
yes, what is that thing?

Miranda said...

rtyuikljh - oiuytryui, sorry I don't have the right letters to reply

Pam - the thing in the window is St Elmo's Fire. No it is the reflection of a candle and an unsteady hand

Rob - maybe that's who took a bite out of that hill?

Val - ha! Good point! Then I really could get rich!

Lori - I know, but it sure does help. It also seems to help in order not to *lose* all the money you have... the light? Candle reflection. Power cut, as ever!

Shiny said...

Oh funny, your genes are marvellous I think. I also keep getting pretty comments like your first one here, which I can't reply to...