Monday, February 22, 2010

Bullet points of my life

sunset from our verandah

Every couple of months Janelle and I decide we're going to give up blogging. And then we hint and beg for comments and we tell each other that we can't give up, that we must carry on and then that spurs us on again. So on Thursday we had one of those conversations. To blog or not to blog. Does anyone really give a shit about our sad little lives up here on this hill? Is that we why even do it? For the comments (hell yeah!) Bla bla bla. I'm sure we all go through this. And I have decided that I really should try and write every day. Even if its drivel. Because really even if I write twice a month its the same bloody quality of writing (read drivel) so why not just jam up the waves with it. It's good practise. Or is that practice? So I shall try. But today the baby gal thought that 4 o'clock in the morning was a good time to wake up and start singing cheerily, so poetry I cannot give you. Bullet points I can

- I have decided to try and take my book seriously and do some hole filling and patching and editing. See what happens

- There is rain here right now, pattering on the roof and it is divine

- My mother and her man are coming to stay next week. So will need to hide the kettle. She has an exhibition here towards the end of March so will be here for the month or more. Excited.

- Made a cake the other day. This is an unusual Miranda activity. I've been slowly working my way through the whole thing so took it over to the neighbours (the very same Janelle) and palmed it off on them.

- Just saw a dog and a cockrel, their faces a foot apart staring at each other. The dog sitting straight and barking loudly, the cockrel just staring

- Speaking of livestock, I spend an inordinate amount of time chasing the neighbour's cows out of my herb patch. Like, six times a day. Starting to drive me nuts! (I just reread that and I'd written chasing the neighbours out of my herb patch. haahaha. No not that)

Okay. Could go on. Shan't.

Picture window
The valley below, all washed clean


gstickings said...

PLEASE don't stop! I was born and brought up in the bush in Ghana, and managed to work there for 3 years after uni, so a total of 22 years out of 36 lived there. My parents are moving back to the UK in 3 weeks. I check your blog every day, and it makes me happy, frequently go 'ohh, yes!', and HOMESICK. I envy you your view....

Iota said...

I would miss you! And your picture window too.

It's practice if it's a noun. And a verb in the US. But it's practise if it's a verb in the UK. Sorry, geeky grammar lesson.

Dumdad said...


I'm glad you got there first so I can remain a non-geeky grammarian!


Don't stop blogging!

"Does anyone really give a shit about our sad little lives up here on this hill?"


I often feel like that when blogging then realise I'm actually writing for myself and if anyone wants to come along for the ride then great. And maybe, just maybe, one day in years to come my children might be interested in reading what I did and how I felt (keep dreaming Dumdad).

I love your musings (and Janelle's) as does my wife. Your world is so different from our humdrum existence in Paris.

So, know you're read and loved.

Janelle said...

god i am SO i want to write again everyday...but time time time...just back from invictus. loved it. and didn;t cry. not once. and your cake was DELICIOUS! xxx j

Karine said...

write your book but do not stop blogging! i like your blog.

spacedlaw said...

I enjoy your (to me) exotic tales and pictures. And it IS good practice.

Shiny said...

Yippeee, daily musings! You must. I love your writing too. I think I should try that as well. I'm finding myself struggling to write and I think the secret is in just keeping on...

And your book? How fabulous xxx

Miranda said...

gstickings - A whole new reader I never knew about! HURRAH!! Thanks for the comment. I have recently had a bizarre yearning for Ghana, even though I've never been there. Odd!

Iota - ah, thank you! Now I hope I remember it

Ah, DD, thanks! And you're totally right of course, I should just write for myself and mostly I do, but I admit I'm also a bit of a comment junkie (but am terrible at leaving comments myself. Naughty naughty me)

J - glad you liked the movie and the cake. Thanks for taking it off my hands!

Karine - hi!! Thanks! And now I've discovered yours..yay!

Spacedlaw - Ah thanks, and I yours, so...!

Shiny - the secret is DEFINITELY just keeping on. Have you noticed how when you write everyday its so much easier, even if its just silly little goings ons. But when you haven't written in two weeks every topic seems so bla. Huh.

Thanks all for the comments, it shouldn't make a difference but it does!! xxx

Mud in the City said...

DON'T GO!!!!

There, do you feel more loved now?

(A post from you always brightens up my day!)


Angela said...

Miranda, you are such an unusual and fabulous blogger and writer and photo-taker, and what would we all miss!! I can send you more recipes if you like, and more old photos, anything to make you smile. Just tell me which. Cheers from Auntie

Acacia said...

I read your blog. I'm ashamed to say I'm a selfish lurker. And I do "give a shit about your sad little lives up here on this hill" because your life seems so much more exotic and exciting than my sad little life in the dingiest parts of Arusha where I live in a little sunken valley full of flooding and mosquitos and silent thieves in the night. I yearn after this magical "hill" that looks and sounds so much nicer than my muddy valley. Please keep blogging!

Miranda said...

Ah Mud, thanks! Okay, okay I'll stay!

Geli - thanks, just compliments please!!!

Acacia - ahHA! You lurker you! Heading over to yours now. x

Lisa L said...

i love your blog. and janelle's! don't stop guys are way too much fun :)

jonnejonne said...

Keep on blogging Miranda! I follow you and Janells blogg as much as i can.. the only ones i follow actually. Keep up the hard work! :)
"Bora kuwa zaidi kuliko kutoweka"


Zimdian said...

Well I have a legitimate excuse to stop blogging now (last post today!)- we are back in London, back to work, and everyday is like Monday to misquote Morrissey. But you? Nah... Unlucky. Keep it up, we all love it! And it drives us crazy with homesickness. Flaunt it!

Linda Sue said...

I Just found you- Yes, I DO give a shit, indeed i do- Found you round about way through EWix then Janell now here- Getting to the good stuff! Your blog is awesome- don't ever go !!

Miranda said...

Aw shucks guys, look at you all!

Lisa L- love yours too, hurrah!

Jonne - gee wow thanks. Okay, I'll keep at it!

Zimdian - No. You cannot stop blogging. There is a life in London to report on. Stories! Pictures! (please?)

Linda Sue - ah, thanks! Heading over to yours now

SafariB said...

Zimdian said it "we all love it! And it drives us crazy with homesickness."

ha ha ... and i laughed at the chicken and the dog! how funny! :)) the the valley washed clean looks FAB!