Thursday, February 25, 2010

False promises

"l'll write every day!" she said

And then she got all these punctures

And then she got distracted by Facebook. And uploading all these pictures onto their new Seka page

And then she went to help teach a drama class at the school down the road. And loved it.

And then she tried to help her sister with some budgets and how to get said Seka down to the Out the Box festival in Cape Town

And then she tried to take some pictures of the lightening. But didn't really manage

And then she couldn't drag herself away from her oh-so-cute baby

And then she even went to the gym and to yoga. Baby in tow.

And then she got all excited from all the lurkers on her blog making themselves known.

And then she took a picture of her picture window

And then she said "WOA, have those acacias in front of the window GROWN?"


Angela said...

I was quite relieved that you did not make your promise true! You would have been supernatural. And living a full, crazy, packed life with punctures to fix and baby to take along to yoga classes and sister to help and pictures to take and SEKA to care about - who would expect you to prefer writing blog posts instead?

SafariB said...

hee hee... funny girl :) xoxo

Linda Sue said...

And then she had another cup of strong black coffee and got set for another round...
I hope the baby enjoyed yoga, babies are usually good at that sort of thing.

spacedlaw said...

I quite like the storm picture, it came out a wonderful shade of blue.

Val said...

ugh i hate fixing punctures. you would think a bicycle tyre would be easy to fix hey?? thats when i learned...
i like the blanket thingy tho
Sounds like you guys succeeded with Seka to CT?
aall good and worthy distractions - glad you found time to post this one. `has Pam arrived with you yet/
hugs all round xx

Lemon Gloria said...

Ah, everyone does what they can. And it's hard with baby in tow all the time! I love the storm picture as well. And you know I always love your picture window.

Susan said...

She sounds like she has a lovely, busy life.

Shiny said...

Excuse me, but Supergirl, did you not find time to bake some muffins in-between?


Miranda said...

Geli - Ah but I AM supernatural, you see!

SafariB - heh. Still cold??

Linda Sue - yes she is rather good at yoga..if I could do half the things she could!

Spacedlaw - thanks! It is a pretty cool colour

Val - I realised after I posted that perhaps I should have specified that I do not ride one of those old fashioned bicycles with the huge back wheel and the tiny front wheel! The small one is in fact from the baby's buggy which is very easy to fix - using just a couple of butter knives as tyre levers! The motorbike tyre I cheated and took to the garage! The carpet I brought from mitumba the second hand market. Mark calls it the Mexican students rug and hates it! Pam still in valley. Waiting to get her alternator fixed. May leave on Tuesday??

LG - yes, you bet, doing everything with a squirmy wriggly baby in tow is not always easy!

Susan - thanks for the visit! Yes she has indeed!

Shiny- always time for muffins..... to eat them that is