Monday, February 15, 2010

Lets talk about the weather

You know how when you're in a really hot climate and you're packing for a wintery place you find it impossible to imagine what the weather will be like? And always slip some inappropriate item of clothing into the bag. Like a pair of shorts, just in case? And vice versa.

Or is that just me?

And so it is with my bloggy friends living in the snow. I just can't fathom it. I read their blogs all agog at how much bloody SNOW there is and how COLD it must be! I mean, look at this! And this!

Zanzibar last month was absolutely scorching. You know that slushy heat where every movement is bogged down with lethargy? Every breath seems to be an effort? No electricity on the island meant no fans at night, so you'd lie under your mozzie net listening to the roar of the tide as she came up over the reef, with your face against the gauze window gasping for a breeze. Anything.

And you'd wake up at dawn, sweaty in your bed and step down into the ocean. And the tide would amble out leaving little pools of warm water and and the glare of the sun would make you think you're in a different kind of snow.

And then the breeze would sigh and smile and indulgently tousle the tops of the palm trees who would rustle and giggle in glee. And everything would be alright again.

Picture window

We don't have snow, we have this:


Angela said...

I want that hammock.
Along with a tiny bit of your heat (too much is too much). But I DON`T want our snow anymore. And it`s still falling...
Did you read what Caroline said?

Rob Inukshuk said...

That's fine, Angela can have the hammock. I just want to sit on that white sand, my toes wriggling in the sand, feeling the sun all over me and breathing in the hot sea air...sigh.

Mud in the City said...

I have heat here as well. But sweaty sweltery city heat. Not nearly as good as salty sandy sunshine!

family affairs said...

Gorgeous pictures - LOVE the cat one too - don't they just get into the most ridiculous receptacles and then try and look all regal.....

Wish I was in your part of the world. Totally bored of feeling cold.


Janelle said...

oh you caught that zanzibar humidity perfectly...wilting really....and man its hot on the hill eh?? and dry...wish it would rain again...lots love xx j

tam said...

those paradise beach rooms are HOT. can you sleep on the roof? no, coz of mosquitoes. sigh, its been hot here too. I always pack something warm even if i'm going somewhere I know will not need. it. I just have such a horror of being cold.

Angela said...

Happy belated birthday to M.!! How`s L.??

JoeinVegas said...

Don't think I'd trade the sun for the snow.

Lori ann said...

i like your pics, i would like to jump in that water. have you noticed the whole world seems to be talking about the weather?
ours is SO unpredictable and always changing. really warm then really cold. i had on a sundress with a down jacket on the other day.
weather.'s always interesting!

Shiny said...

That hammock looks hellish. Really xx

Strangely, my word veri is: demoni.


PurestGreen said...

I think I have only felt that kind of heat once, in Las Vegas. It takes so little to make this poor Canadian melt. Beautiful photos. said...

packing optimistically. how true. i am in a snowbound northamptonshire. i brought my bikini. just in case. i used in en route in dar and now it's drying on the bath rail in a bathroom dark because the window is blacked out with several inches of snow. i don't think it feels terribly at home. i know i don't.

Miranda said...

RM - Oh poor bikini! Poor you! Yes, I always pack a bikini! Glad you do too!

PG - thanks! Oh yes it gets pretty-bloody-hot

Shiny - hellish indeed. The baby gal loved it!

Lori - yes it does. All gone weird!

JoinVegas - and I the other way round, so that's good, we're both happy!

Tam - yes, those PB rooms are indeed hothothot, even with the fan working

J - yes, hot again now, even after that lekker rain yesterday!

FA - come and visit!

Mud- yes salty sandy sunshine rocks

Rob - ditto, come and visit!

Geli - still snowing now?? Aish, I guess it could all get a bit much, heh?

Lemon Gloria said...

Ooh, your descriptions made me ache for the heat. And I am the same - when it's warm I can't imagine being cold, and when I'm cold, I can't believe I'll actually be warm.