Monday, February 1, 2010

Yet another day in the life of

Somehow Monday is Shopping Day. I'm not sure how things turned out this way, that I have a specific day for shopping. But there we have it. I guess it leaves me the rest of the week to do things of great social and political Import. Uh huh.

This morning the man left to a Secret Destination. A long long drive that will take him away into the night. He's going to recce a new site for a possible camp. I'm hopping jealous of course but will stay at home at make chicken broth and look after the baby. I like doing this too.

So grunted awake at hmfff-waa? o'clock just as the bloke was edging out the door. Kinda waved him off and went back to sleep. Woke up at a more respectable 7. All the general baby chores. Get her up, dressed and fed. This takes 6 times longer than you would expect. And then twice longer again.

Off to Shoprite (shopshite) to buy the usual. Nutella. Beer. Mustard. Pasta.

At the veggie market an old Maasai lady comes up to me and offers to sell me beaded trinkets. I smile, "no thanks"
"yes but look at this pretty basket"
Smile, "no thanks"
"What about these earrings?"
Smile, "no thanks"
"And this necklace?"
Smile, "no thanks"
"This chameleon?"
Smile, "no thanks"
The baby gal is fascinated. The woman is all set about with jingly janglies and and she can't stop staring.
"Can I hold your baby?"
She stands next to me and follows me around while I shop and when it comes time for me to take the baby, she's having nothing of it. The baby that is. "Nono, I like it here on the hip of this jingly-jangly lady. Please can I stay, please, mom, please?" So I buy the beaded chameleon and wrench my daughter away.

On my way home I slow down where the police often hide in the bushes with a speed gun. The limit is 50km an hour, which even for a slow-ass driver such as myself is a little much, this being the main drag outta town an all. Got caught here a couple of weeks ago by a pissed off aggressive cop who decided to take out his shitty day on us. He launched into a spitting, finger jabbing diatribe that instantly makes my arteries expand and my teeth hurt. That is to say it pisses. Me. Off. But I never rise to the bait. But this day even my usual uber polite gritted smiles didn't disarm him (it usually does. Seriously, I have a knack). So we asked 'What's the charge'
"Speeding" he spat
"Yes, but what's the charge?"
"Yes but what's the - how MUCH?"

The past month I have been teaching. It was only a month's work though and its now come to an end. I find myself oddly at a loose end and I shall start planning and plotting on Getting Out There again. Make some plays, start a new drama troupe. Something. And then I think, "ooooh but I could stay at home a little longer and look after this gorgeous sweet daughter of ours". I will find the balance.

But for now I shall spend the afternoon making chicken stock (see I wasn't joking) and lots of little ice cubes of mushed up food for the gal. Who knew a 7 month old could eat so MUCH!

Oh and I shall also keep my new month's resolution and spend more time OFF the computer than on.



Picture Window
The mist rolling in of a bright sunny morning


Janelle said...

babe...i have a job for you...honestly. typing out all my lesson plans from last being serious..its honestly just typing out...or writing out..i know boring but i can PAY you....!? desperate. xxx j

fush and chips said...

Always love your posts, Miranda, but stay off the computer. Just it a bit.

But not too long.

Eternally Distracted said...

Great post - agreeing with fush and chips ;0)

Shiny said...

You're so domesticated. And that cat is so comfortable. And your shopping trips sound so, well, exotic. And that mist is so... misty. Shoo, I'm a whizz with adjectives. Or are they verbs? Bugger, I've always had a block with those grammar things... x

P.S. Word veri is blest... like us! Yay.

spacedlaw said...

Flower kitty!

Of course the baby would be fascinated by the movements and colours (and noises)...

Lemon Gloria said...

I find it so hard to go to work and not just stay home and enjoy the baby.

And I LOVE today's picture window!

Miranda said...

J - sure, happy to help out. Can't take your money though. Maybe you can pay me in cake or something?!

Tim - Hey! I thought you'd wandered away from this blog permanently. Is the content getting perilously close to talking about baby poo??

ET - thanks!

Shiny - can you BELIEVE the domesticatedness of me? It shan't last long I imagine. just the novelty of it keeps me going for now.

Spacedlaw - Doesn't that cat look comfy!

LG - I know, I should count myself lucky

Lori ann said...

well that was fun. i had a good picture in my mind of you and baby until i saw the photo of the kitty in the pot! (now i can't get that image out of my head)
i would be like you and more than a bit envious being the one to stay at home. can't you go and take uber portable baby too?

your window looks kinda like mine, there is fog swirling over the mountains this minute! beautiful.

JoeinVegas said...

Where did you find the cat seeds to plant that one pot?

Miranda said...

Lori - show us your window again!

Join Vegas- they are very hard to come by...