Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Day of the Red Stickers

The day started out as one of those tread in dog poo days. Metaphorically and physically. What comes first, the bad mood or the treading in the dog poo? You're in a bad mood therefore you tread in dog poo (negative attracting negative and all that) or you tread in dog poo therefore you're in a bad mood?

It started as a tread in dog poo day and ended as the day of the red stickers.

It was the opening of my mother's exhibition last night. She drove up from Zambia with all her paintings stuffed in the back of her "you're-going-to-manage-to-drive-more-than-a-thousand-kilometres-in-THAT?" old car. So it was all go go go yesterday, Printing labels. last minute hanging, nails in the walls, oops, haven't signed that one, let me get my paint. That kinda thing. And I was running around and the baby was Pissed Off but the lovely ladies at the internet cafe took her while I printed and laminated and cut up labels and price tags. Oh and I trod in dog poo, did I mention that?

Anyway, that was the morning. By late afternoon we were all done and the tone was set by someone who came early and bought a painting. A Spirit Lion - the very one pictured above. And then opening time - 5 o'clock and there's that moment where everything seems to hang in the balance. Will anyone come? Will they buy? Did we over-cater? Under-cater? Will I be able to at least cover my costs? And then one by one people trickled and then gushed in. And the wine flowed and the people drank and bought bought bought. Red stickers everywhere. My mother is a hide-in-the-corner-don't-pay-any-attention-to-me kind of person. And she always feels very uncomfortable when she has a show and everyone looks at her art on the walls. We usually have to save her from herself as on more than one occasion she has persuaded people NOT to buy her work.

Customer: Ooh I like this hyena, I think I'll buy it for my husband
Mother: Well, I'm not so sure. People sometimes find hyenas and paintings like this very threatening
Customer: Oh, okay

Remember those posts a while back saying why I'll never be rich? These are my genes.

Anyway, it was a success. People bought and she could have sold a few of them five times over. It's still on for a few days so I shall go and take more pictures for ya'll.

Picture Window

Look at those cloud waves!


Shiny said...

Yippeee, yey for your mum! I love the dancing people - beautiful xx

spacedlaw said...

Great art! I am glad it was a success, despite your mother's best effort to remain hidden.

Val said...

FABULOUS!!! i am thrilled it all went so well - and so it jolly well should - congratulatory hugs to the artist herself too :-) great paintings - would love to see them all xx

Angela said...

Pam`s paintings are incredible - the longer you look at them, the more you feel their spirit. I know how she practiced painting hyenas, with closed eyes. To concentrate on the very essential, and that is what she now conveys. She is quite an outstanding artist, one you don`t forget (apart from being a wonderful, unique, very true person). I knew from the start that her exhibition went well, it couldn`t have been otherwise.

You can surely be proud of your mom, Miranda!

AnnaMarie said...

how come I am never around to buy your mom's art? I LOVE it - even the little bit that I've seen and I confess to covetousness .... sigh!

Rob Inukshuk said...

So happy that it all went well and Mother managed to refrain from a bit of sales sabotage and folk were able to enjoy the art and buy, buy, buy!

More pics please, your Mum's work looks so very interesting.

pam said...

aghhh thanks Mo - you are my best PR at the moment and the best helper - all those damn labels and over-tired baby and ... so glad it was worth it - you are a star

Dumdad said...

I can see why the spirit lion was snapped up quickly. More photos of paintings please!

tam said...

HOORAH! well done mother, SO glad it was a success. Yes, Mo, put up pics of those gorgeous little landscapes. Hope they weren't underpriced...

Miranda said...

Shiny - yippeee indeed! More pics to come

Spacedlaw - yes, she did try!

Val - hug delivered. Will post more pics so you can see them all...

Geli - The blind drawings, more on that soon!

AnnaMarie - hi! Are you the very same AnnaMarie? Next time you'll have to pop over and buy something!!

Rob - more pics coming up

Pam - good genes, you see

DD - yes, could have sold many times over that one.

Tam - your wish is my command xxx