Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekends are for playing

It was an (almost) Full Moon Party complete with bonfire, a pot of stew big enough to satiate Obelix and a beautiful little stone house that smells of leather and woodsmoke. The brave little house, all lonely and windswept, hangs for dear life onto the sweeping howling plains and looks up at Kilimanjaro in awe.

And there are friends. Old and new and not yet met. And jamming. Guitars, drums and the most beautiful violin you ever did hear.


Just before midnight.

A dancing horse.

The clouds are scudding across the sky, rolling off Kilimanjaro and getting sucked across to Mt. Meru, where lightening and thunder are announcing their own full moon party. And the moon is round and aloof, staring down disinterestedly. Well she pretends to be disinterested, but I know better.

The hill children, who have up until now been fighting sleep with light sabers suddenly wake up and rush off to the stables. (Like elephants before a tsunami. How do they know?) Snippets of excited babble. "I saw Carlos".... "In a black suit" .... "looks just like Zorro" .... "no silly, without the mask" And they scamper back and report to the grown ups that It's Time.

As we troop off past the stables, I see Orion do a double take as he looks down and sees a trio of musicians standing in the centre of a riding ring in the middle of the scrubby African plains. And under the guardianship of the two ancient mountains a dark powerful horse is galloping and frothing and, yes, dancing under the soft and skillful hands of our fabulous host Carlos.

The drive back the next day is stark. The sun is shouting, drumming up the clouds. On our left Kilimanjaro, on our right Meru, the dusty road snaking between them.

"Very Fung Shui" says the man, drily.

And we Make Plans. To explore more. To get a tent. To embrace this country we live in.

And all the while our daughter sleeps on.

Picture Window

So very clear today


Mud in the City said...

How wonderful. The stuff of dreams and fantasies. LOVE the dancing horse! And such beautifully perceptive writing Miranda - just stunning.


Shiny said...

Oh, that sounds so fun. And I love the pic of the baby and the guitar dude. I bet she's thinking: "Ooo, I'm gonna get me one of those, as soon as I can co-ordinate my fingers on the strings!" She'll be a pop star before you know it xx

Miranda said...

Really? Thought the writing was a bit OTT! Thanks! Yes it was really amazing. Such fun. you'da loved it!

Shiny - yes she was truly fascinated! Ain't she cute?!

Susan said...

your OTT is our delight. Wonderful, made me long to join you.

connie said...

Beautiful post.

Dumdad said...

Lovely photos especially of the little one asleep with her cuddly, um, cow? Pig?

tam said...

beautiful Mo

JoeinVegas said...

Still fascinated with all those amazing places you get to. (yes, me here living in dull Las Vegas)

Miranda said...

Susan - thank you. Yes it was such fun!

Connie - thanks for the visit!

DD - heh. Cow I think. She studies the pink ribbon around its neck until she falls asleep. Weirdo!

Tam - wow. Thanks sis.

JoeinVegas - Vegas seems pretty bloody exotic to me!

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, Miranda, your words are so lovely, and your pictures gorgeous. And I love the adorable sleeping girl. And as an added delight, your Obelix reference.

Miranda said...

Ah thanks Lisa, you're too kind!